Looking for help with defense team setup

I’m trying to figure out what my best raid defense team options are. I’ve been experimenting with different setups but I can’t quite break out of the 1400-1500 trophy range.

My 4*/5* (only 5*'s are the two Gregs) heroes are:

RED: Boldtusk, Colen(x2) Gormek(x2), Scarlett

BLUE: Grimm(x3)

GREEN: Little John, Gregorian(x2), Skittleskull(x2)

PURPLE: Rigard, Tiburtus(x2)

YELLOW: Chao, Li Xiu, Wu Kong

Right now I’m using (in order left to right): Gregorian, Rigard, Boldtusk, Gregorian, Colen which seems to have around a 50% win ratio but I’m hoping I can do better or at least win more than I lose.

So my question is…out of my available heroes (assume they’re all lvl 60 with maxed specials), who would you use and what order would you have them in?

It’d be awesome if you also explained the reasoning behind your answer, but any help whatsoever is appreciated.

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If your Li xiu is maxed, put her in the middle as tank.

Greg, rigard, Li xiu, colen, greg

I’m not generally a fan of stacking colors on defense. I’d try Grimm, Boldtusk, Li Xiu, Rigard, Greg. Here’s why.
Remember that the AI fires charged specials from left to right. Grimm gives your enemies a defense debuff, so your hitters will hit harder. He’s fast but squishy, so keep him on the left wing where he is protected and hits first. BT heals and gives your hitters a nice attack buff, so they’ll hit harder stll. He’s more durable than Grimm, so flank or tank for him. Li Xiu is pretty durable on defense, and as tank, she will eat enough tiles to stay charged and prevent their specials from firing. Rigard next, because he is slower and a little more durable than Greg at lower levels. Greg on the right wing.


Is liu xiu generally a better tank than Boldtusk? I used Colen as a tank for a long time and did great but I’m assuming I entered a trophy range where people are now able to kill him before his special fires and/or.counter with heroes like Rigard :frowning:

Also, which 3*/4* troop stat bonuses should I focus on or how should I prioritize them? (Defense, Attack, Balanced, Crit, Health, etc.) or should I adapt them to the individual heroes?

Troops are a long-term investment and will shuffle across many heroes over time. So you can’t tailor them to a specific hero.

4* troops are a big notch above 3* troops. Ideally you never level up anything but 4* troops, but those are hard to get. My alt account still has 4* in only two colors after ten months (no money spent to acquire troops).

Choosing between leveling crit or mana 4* troops is a tough challenge. See this thread:

For 3* troops, I have a strong preference for the attack version. The way the math works in this game, buffing defense by N% isn’t as powerful as buffing attack by N%. Moreover, a continued role for your 3* troops after they are replaced by 4* troops is in the Epic tier of challenge events. You win events by overwhelming offense, not defense.

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I have 4 4* troops, 2 green, 1 purple and 1 blue- all are crit so I’m happy about that. When you have 4* troops, shouldn’t you still level lower * troops for challenge events?

Only if placing high in challenge events is a high priority for you. Troop feeders are very scarce. Personally, my 3* troops are at the levels where I left them when I pulled a 4* of that color.

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