Suggestions for Hero Work

UPDATE: Change up on next heroes to work on, with some on the list now maxed.

Making this post here in the hope of some community reception and thoughts on my own personal roster of heroes, which ones to take priority and which ones would be fitting for future uses in things, like in war teams.

The game, sometimes, gives me dumps of new heroes randomly on a good month before returning back to the status quo of feeder duplicates. So I’d end up wanting to get everyone down evenly and get distracted and have everybody sitting at, say, 3/43 or 4/20.

As of right now, I’m currently working on these heroes:

  • Alexandrine (2/27)
  • Khagan (3/11) (cKhagan (1/01))
  • Leonidas (3/37)
  • Sartana (3/36)

This is the list of heroes I’ve been thinking of giving attention:

Element Heroes (Ascension/Level)
Fire :fire: Reuben (1/30)
Azlar (1/31)
Elena (1/13)
Sir Lancelot (1/29)
Mack (2/18)
Rokkamush (2/21)
Nature :herb: Lianna (3/70)
cElkanen (4/01)
Kingston (1/19)
Balbar (1/10)
Atomos (1/10)
Horghall (1/12)
Hansel (1/15)
Ice :snowflake: Thorne (3/70)
Richard (3/70)
Holy :sunny: Justice (1/26)
Danzaburo (3/38)
Dark :skull: Chakkoszrot (3/70)
Obakan (2/60)
Quintus (2/60)
Boomer (1/12)
Merlin (1/21)

I ask here for any thoughts or opinions on who you think I should dedicate my time to.

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Alberich is the obvious stand out to me. I’d put him over every hero you have other than maybe Odin and costume Frank.


I have maxed both Justice and Leo, Leo is more useful and better IMO.
Other heroes you listed are at least good and worth maxing.
Do you have maxed Isarnia costume? I really like her costumed version, she is a pretty strong hitter combined with c.Kiril.

Agree with @Ruskin505 about Alberich


It makes me feel all twitchy if a hero is not maxed to at least the current ascension cap, e.g. 2.60, 3.70. They can park there for months but they must never be left in between stages. That would be… just wrong.


You’re not wrong and tbf, I’ve thought about doing that here and there. For the most part, I often have them at intervals of 5 unless I forget about them. Happens a lot. Will definitely get some of these heroes to their max level at current ascensions, like I do my Quintus and Obakan at 2/60.

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Honestly same. I think I’ve even told a group I’m in that I might prioritize him for that revive chance. Having Ares already, I could put both of them on a team and their element links would be refreshed but placed on everyone on the team, giving everybody a 10% attack/defense buff.

And I’m definitely working on Frank like immediately. Got him a day before the event was closing down. Finally happy to not get another Jack duplicate. Odin will definitely also be maxed. I’ve been sitting with him for far too long now.

Good to know. Will stick to leveling him after maxing Odin then. Do still like Justice for the aesthetics and if HA10 or Costume Chamber gives me her costume, that’d be a plus.

Speaking of HA10, that’s actually where I got cIsarnia from. Got her before cFrank, I think, and was initially going to max it right away. Rn, she sits at 2/01. Doesn’t buff much but signals to people that raid my team that I got her costume and will not be afraid to use it… eventually. (It’s pretty!) Never used cKiril, since I’ve always prioritized his two buffs, but I might switch it up if I ever finally decide to start on doing duplicates. (cRigard eludes me!)

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Updated this with a neato table (finally learned how to format one onto a post!) and want to know who my next nature hero should be. and if any of these options need to be changed up.

From other places, Got around 3 peeps on Kingston, 1 on Bertila, 1 on Hansel. Passing mentions to Atomos being a possible option too, via “I hate facing him.”