Plus Ultra - Maxing Out a Few 5 Star Heroes

I have to wrestle with maxing out a couple of 5 Star Heroes and I’d love to get your feedback and input. As you all know, ascension materials don’t grow on trees, but I do want to go ahead and do some level ups with the characters I have (not necessarily all the ones I wish I had, lol).

Here are the decisions I need to make. Please note, all heroes are currently at 3/70 unless I have noted them being powered completely up. I also have a significant amount of 4 Star heroes, and am not currently looking to level up anymore until I have completed my next round of 5 Star heroes.

Purple Heroes - I already have Jabberwock maxed, and my 4 Star max roster includes costume Rigard (x2), costumed Tiburtus, Merlin, Stonecleave, Proteus, Cyprian, Fura and Sabina

Purple Candidates

  • Alfrike
  • Clarissa
  • Hel
  • Quintus
  • Boss Wolf (not planning on using him)

Red Heroes - I have Elena maxed out and my 4 Star 4/70 roster includes Boldtusk, Guardian Falcon, Wilbur, Gormek, Sir Lancelot, Colen, and Shadereave

Red Candidates

  • Tyr
  • Noor
  • Queen of Hearts
  • Jean-Francois
  • Azlar - (just drew him, still at 0/1)

Blue Heroes - Vela is maxed out. For 4 stars I have costumed Sonya, Grimm, Kiril (x2), Mireweave, Triton and Captain of Diamonds all at 4/70

Blue Candidates

  • Raffaele
  • Thorne
  • Magni

Green Heroes - I currently have Telluria and Heimdall maxed. From a 4 Star perspective we have Kashherk, Gaderius, Gobbler, Caedmon. Almur and Melendor all maxed as well.

Green Candidates

  • Ratatoskr
  • Tarlak
  • The Hatter (0/1)
  • Elkanen (0/1)
  • Kadien (0/1)

Yellow Candidates - I have a maxed Joon and Vivica. Wu Kong (x2), Guardian Jackal, Li Xiu (costume), and Gretel are maxed 4 stars.

Yellow Candidates

  • Justice
  • Norns
  • Bai Yeong
  • Neith (0/1)
  • Leonidas (0/1)


Here’s my two cents:

Blue - Magni - You can’t ever go wrong with choosing him.

Yellow - I’d go Neith for mana control although with Gretel you may not need to. Norns may be another way to go, but I don’t have them and on defense they are useless as they are easily countered.

Red - Tyr - There are so many support heros in Red having even a pseudo-sniper like him for variety is good.

As for Purple/Green I’ll leave that to others.


Purple - this is where I am 100% certain that it should be Hel. She is my most favorite raid attacking hero (even ahead of gm) and of course she also makes all events/boss fights much easier.

Blue - I would go for a fast sniper here, Magni

Green - I would choose Tarlak as an overall titan specialist (since you dont have miki)

For the other two colors I would vote for Neith and Tyr, though i do not have personal experience using them.


I thought someone beckons for me.

Hel, Magni, Tarlak, Neith and Tyr (the latter 2 are not the best among their respective elements but they are the best in your roster).


I forgot that I drew Bai Yeong as well. Does that change your recommendation at all?

In a vacuum I would not only consider but also choose the Panda over Neith. But you do have Joon (fast sniper + miss, though bigger hit/lower miss percentage). Maybe aNeith who affects all + also gives mana control makes more sense for you.

Nevertheless I am still leaning towards panda in your case, but would wait for another opinion first

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You’ve received excellent advice here. I generally agree with what’s been said. I’ll add a little more to think about.

Purple: Hel is great. I love to raid with her. You have Proteus, so you kind of have some of her capabilities on your roster. I would not go for Afrike, yet, since you already have two good tanks (Telluria and Heimdall). I would consider Clarissa for her speed. This is an offensive decision since I presume you’ll leave Jabberwock on D.

Yellow: It comes down to Neith and Bai Yeong. I think both are solid (though I don’t have any experience with BY as I’m sill leveling him up). Leonidas is not different enough from Joon and Norns seems like her place is in a more mature roster IMO. Justice’s speed rules her out unless your alliance coordinates (or will do so) yellow tanks.

Blue: I don’t have Magni (I know, how is that possible) but he is pretty solid. Thorne’s not great, and most folks don’t love Raffaele – I’m still leveling him up. He probably deserves the mats eventually, but Magni is a better choice for your roster today.

Green: I agree that Tarlak is the way to go, particularly for titans. You have Caedmon and Almur who are good for stacking green on raids. At some point, a fast 5* hero belongs in your roster for raiding.

Red: I like JF, apparently more than most. I agree that Tyr is a better hero, though. The one possible edge for JF is that he has an elemental link for defense against ice which, when raiding GTV is handy. I suspect that this hero will be on your defense, where the elemental link doesn’t help (assuming you assemble a rainbow D), so Tyr is the way to go.


Thanks so much! I like using JF/Elena/Bold Tusk in raids. But I’ll start with Tyr. I have enough red materials to ascend them both, so unless I get GM I’ll go Tyr than JF.

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