Suggested war team combinations to try

What I’m looking for are some rainbow war team combinations to try in some future wars. I figure this is the place to ask :slight_smile:

I am working on a costumed tibertus and will be maxing vela tomorrow when I get my last cape from valor. I will be taking gafar out in favor of tibertus once i get a few more trap tools to finish him and his costume. I personally prefer rainbow attacking teams but am open to any and all suggestions.

Question, why rainbow?

Colour stacking is far more effective in that:

  1. You get more tile damage as attack stats of each hero stack

  2. You have to make less matches to charge all your heroes as 3 tiles of mana generation goes to ALL heroes…
    i.e. you can charge all your fast speed blue heroes with 9 tiles rather than needing to do 45 tiles to charge a rainbow fast team.

  3. makes your board play easier as you are focusing only on a couple colours rather than having to analyse the entire board for every different colour.

It is just a personal preference mainly based on what I am doing as a tank/team busting role right now. I have the accute ability to pull a 50% + board full of tiles for colors I don’t put out there as well!

I will stack on ocassion or when necessary but overall I have seen more success doing the rainbow route. I routinely take out 300-400 higher TP teams using rainbow and average around 250 points per war hitting 3600-4300 targets only.

I find utilizing the proper heroes against an higher TP opponent is far better then color stacking for me.

As I said I’m open to suggestions and if you think some 3-2 stacks might be a good option I’m all for trying it.

Can I assume you mean the most effective teams to try?

Because theoretically if you want to just try combos you could run a team of kiril - bt - rigard - wu kong - melendor

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Yes, I’m looking for best 6 teams synergy wise with the 30 I posted. I have a semi mana controlling team with peters and proteus and they work well together for me. Things like that.

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Guardian Falcon and Jackal are collor debuff, they play better with others heros of the same color, maybe a 3/2 for them.

Falcon, Scarlett, Bold + 2 others
Jackal, Chao, Liu + 2 others

The best configuration depend on the other defense team. But you can use one Buffer attack, one debuffer defense, one mana control, one healer as reference options.

Wilbur and control mana heros are a good option… Wu Kong has a good sinergy to Wilbur in my opinion

I like Grimm , Sonya and Kiril together…

Rigard play very well with all heroes in all configuration…

So, many options… If you like rainbow, take a look on the skills of each one.

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