📯 Stonecleave – New Season 3 Hero – 4* Dark/Purple: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

I meant… that the max 8/8 must upgraded

As @SupremeAlienRaptor said, Beta testers are given fully-leveled heroes to test, so they never see the lower Special Skill levels.

This issue is the responsibility of the game developers, Beta testers have nothing to do with it.


Stonecleave looks like he had spent too much time vacationing with buddy Atomos.


My point is. I would like to know what they think of this hero and might they have ok’ed him as is. On the maxed status . But as @Guvnor said… they did not see the use in him. So maybe the 8/8 status might have been heavier and maybe not a ghost status but … a resurrect like ATOMOS. But I only say this cause he is my only 4 I pulled and I look like a wining child

Beta testers don’t “approve” heroes, they just give feedback on them.

All of the decisions are made by the game designers — so it’s a question of why the game designers decided to make the hero this way.

As @Guvnor said, a lot of Beta testers gave feedback suggesting changes or improvements. But they’re only suggestions, the game designers make the final decision.

So it’s hard to give any insight into the hero’s design — though I agree with you, Stonecleave is a less exciting Season 3 4* than, for instance, Mist and Brynhild.


I’ve added Stonecleave’s Dire Ghost form buff in the Status Effects list:

Just like Ameonna, he’s immune to all status effects and skill effects.

Unlike Ameonna, he can get hit by Holy enemies. Note that their skill effects still don’t work on him – e.g. you can hit him with Hu Tao while in Dire Ghost form, but Stonecleave can’t be blinded.


Well I still have Boril fully emblemed. Also Gladerius has is use now and what about Anzogh . I thought he was rubbish too. But now I am maxing Agwe and Danzo for the fun of it and also Cheshire Cat looked meh at first. So… I am confident that either SC will be fun like Gladerius became or a bad move like Ameonna. So I will put him next To Dominica and hope that Protection against yellow will remain in ghost shape. Edit: no that did not happen. Would have been een nice addition that all defence buffs remained.

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i just pulled him and i think i will max him i mean ameona doesnt fire at all but stonclave hit with 150 dmg every turn so thats nice.

I wonder what his tile damage is? Ameonna has great tile dmg when set in motion. Would they work well together in an all purple team? :thinking:

I saw in the current Alliance war that Attack booster gives stacks too. I think that’s new, but maybe I just never noticed before.

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I pulled him, but I am afraid he is in something of a queue for levelling.

I haven’t pulled Ameonna, so I am looking forward to seeing how he works. That being said, when I have come up against Ameonna in raids I have found her to often be the weakest link on the other team, so I doubt Stonecleave will ever be on my defence team.

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Yep ameona is ■■■■ cuz she doesnt have attack but stonclave do 150% damage to a random enemy every turn when hes in ghost mode, he cant be in defence since holy enemies can hit him even in ghost mode but i will max him for titans and purple stack


I have heard that in version 28 Stonecleave will be changed, as he has currently a bug
[KNOWN ISSUE] Stonecleave special is the same at all levels (will be fixed in v28)
I am also aware that there is a general feeling that he is a bit dissapointing.
:postal_horn: Stonecleave – New Season 3 Hero – 4* Dark/Purple: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback
Ok, I got a coppy of him, If not probably I won’t care. But anyway my point is, if you debs got already to fix him, why don’t do it right?
My feelings are, he is intended to be an ofensive heroe (high attak, no support ability). I hide here my personal view of this heroe flaws:


1 He did not add too much to deffense because he could be targeted with yellow heroes.
2 He adds almost nothing to a stack against a titan, as most of his especial works bad with yellow titans.
3 In offense, he is a lone wolf (does not add sinergy to other heroes), and he is to impredictable and hits too light to be really relevant.

So, I suggest to add some minor changes to make him better. For me, the most logical options are:
a) Remove the vulnerability to yellow, and that is all. Decent against titans, not too bad on deffense.
b) Increase his maximun damage output to 200%.
c) Enable the players to choose the target of his attak, with the current damage, (if the target dies, then he may fire randomly)
d) He has to axes, so make him hit twice each time, for the same damage (or maybe a bit less, say 125%) and randomly.
e) Don’t change the ability, but make him fast or very fast (it could be a draug thing being very fast).
f) Add a ghost curse component to the ability. Let’s say that, during the time he remains in ghost form, each enemy that is hitted by his special suffers either from: silence, a DoT ¿venom?, or elemental deffense down (honestly, I’m being greedy with this one).


My baby acco has him in second tier and I took him in aw with dark stack to clean a half down team. He hits like a grown man, took down Vivica who still had 1/5 life left just before she was ready to heal. I think many underestimates him because Ameonna, but I was really happy to see him in action. Might even max him when I get gloves, before Tibrutus, Sabina and Cyprian.

(Gloves, where are you, here gloves, gloves, gloves… cheap to play account, nearly half a year old, seen only 4 gloves during that time. There are quite many 4*s waiting, plus 9 compasses).


This is pretty much where I’m at with him. There’s a whole lot of writing on that card just to say he cleanses himself, disappears to everyone except the ones that really hurt him, locks his own mana, and fires so-so random attacks.

The one nice thing I see is his attack stat, maybe he’s just good for the tile damage? Do the random attacks have good damage because of it? The percentage isn’t much but atk over 700 is great for a 4*.

I don’t know how to use this weirdo, he’s so odd that it almost seems like he’s got a very specific use somewhere.


Seems like he would be very good in the very niche 4* rush tourney where yellows are banned, both on offense and defense.


You can’t decrease from zero.

He used his mana to fire his special and cannot gain mana while in Dire-Ghost form.

BUT, is it correct to say Chao’s special would still cause damage? I know specials are colorless EXCEPT when specific mention is made to color (extra damage or in this case susceptible to a specific color).

Sorry, this comes across as a bit pedantic.

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Lol okay true. Maybe a better example is

  1. Stonecleave uses his skill
  2. enemy Hu Tao then uses his skill against Stonecleave
  3. Stonecleave gets damaged – but can’t be blinded

Does that answer your question? :wink:

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Thank you, I was genuinely puzzled if specials still do damage to SC in Dire Ghost form. This answers that perfectly.

Feels like a very underwhelming hero. Ameonna’s weakness is that you used dark tiles to charge her and so it is tricky to take advantage of her attack boost. That problem is partially solved her but AVERAGE mana AND Holy enemies still do damage?!? It isn’t as though SC is tough to begin with, the special skill is written like Ameonna’s and she can’t be healed while in ghost form so assuming SC can’t either.

Stonecleave is a fragile hero that can’t be healed but can be damaged during four turns…ouch! It is though a Sand Hero hit SC blocking healing but it is entirely self-inflicted.

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The way I see it, Aemonna was designed as a tile damage hero, while Stonecleave was designed as a skill damage hero.

To me that translates to Aemonna being better for titans (also because she won’t get hit by yellow), while Stonecleave being more reliable for raid and war attacks.

I think it’s a playstyle preference, but I like Aemonna more myself.

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