Starting new alliance - The Deserted

Our alliance leader messed up and accidentally transferred leadership to a random member (who never writes in chat), and after about a day of begging for it to be transferred back, ditched us in the middle of guild wars.

My wife and I had considered joining another alliance once this war is over (we’re both 4k+, 2400+), but it looks like the core of our alliance wants to come along as well. We should be creating the new alliance as soon as the war is over (~4 hours from the time of this post), and we’ll be looking to fill in the rest of our member list since we definitely won’t be taking any of the dead beats from our current alliance along with us.

Initial requirements will be 3000 team power and 2000 trophies. We have a fairly active chat, but it’s not a requirement to post - just ensure you read it when you play. What we really want is just a good set of active players with no drama. Promotions will be based on contribution.

Update: we are now up and running. if interested, alliance name is The Deserted


Both starting a new alliance and merging into an existing could be an option for you.

Depending on the playstyle you like and how many people you have, please check our alliance family:

Line: djlite247

If you decide on creating a new alliance, you could consider agreeing with your coleads on the what type of alliance you would like, and what rules should apply. You might want to indicate that in your alliance advertisement (all flags in war? , is opt out allowed?, titan focused, Line required/not, casual/competitive).
Recuitment will be work, check the recuitment section here, or other areanas (recuitment Discord, Line groups, social media).

Good luck anyway!

My friend and i did just that. A new alliance.
Coming from alliances with mostly inactives, we posted why and where and Behold most of the active players from both alliances signed up.
You allready have a core so do it, my recommendation.
Have fun.

thanks. we had about a dozen of the core folks transition over with us so now we have something to build from.

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Hi adalos, sounds like you worked out a plan. But if you prefer to join an established ally we have 3/5 spots open in ours. I say 3/5 as we can move alts out of there are more than 3 of you. If you want to talk more shout.

Our ally is called Devil wears Nada!


we’re sitting at 15 players right now and easily won our first war. still looking for active players to help fill our ranks.

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