The Jump Ship ( New alliance )

THE JUMP SHIP ( New alliance )

Hey all, decided to start a completely new alliance after getting frustrated with players not using their Titan and war flags.

Looking for players over 1400 trophies, with at least 3/6 decent war teams.

You would be starting from the beginning in a new alliance but means you can have a much bigger say in how you also think an alliance should work together.

Just add yourself and say hello and we can have a chat about your thoughts on how an alliance should work

Hey, Iphitus. Your story sounds like ours. COMRADES UNITED is a few weeks old now and we’re all players that left one of those big, multi-level alliances that was too slow at removing freeloaders and toxic players. The two of you sound like you’d fit right in with us.

We’re undefeated in wars since we started - never an unused flag left on the field. We’re also harpooning baby titans (and posting crazy scores - recently got a new personal record of 107K in a single hit).

The door is open if you’d like to check us out. Or HMU on Line and we can chat.


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