Advice on def team, seasons,buildings,leveling heroes

Hello everyone,

I have been away for a while but I am back now.There have been some changes I see so hence I am here for advice like so many others.
My current team is BT,LJ,Grimm,Sartana and Kiril. I think it is a good team but am willing to hear otherwise( I don’t raid).

My Atlantis team is: BT,LJ,Sartana,Gormek and Caedmon and am trying season 20
I have finished season 1 I think, Dragonian Cave is the last?
Have not started on season 3 and can use some advice on a team for that. Same for Atlantis.

Currently I am levelling up Scarlet. Still to level are: Lancelot, Danzaburo,Gobbler. I have doubles naming: Wu, Grimm, Sonya and Tib. Worth levelling them again?

Buildings: Hunters Lodge: Level 2. Advanced Mining: Level 5. Advanged Food: Level 5. Advanced Iron: Level 8. Advanced house: Level 3. Watchtower at 17. Stronghold at 22.

My TC’s: Level 20,11,9,13. Strategy for levelling?
My crafting: Level 20,4,4,5. Levelling all to 20?
Troops building is level 6. Level up building?

I have some level 3 troops. Do I feed them to level up my level 4 troops? What is the best strategy for levelling troops?

For titans I gave standard Wu and Willbur, BT and colour stack. Good strategy? I use harpoons too.

Well, that is it for…

Welcome to the forum.

There is a lot here which may be why you got limited response. I’m going to answer (well, ask a question) on one thing. Why do you have a designated Atlantis team? If I were you, I would choose the team based on the enemies. One exception: I do have a high-level farming team that I can auto farm most levels, but I don’t think you’re in that situation. It just seems like an odd thing to have.

I don’t know really. It just developed that way. Thanks for the reply though

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Welcome to the forum!

My main suggestion is to continue to level your 4*s. I was trying to come up with a defense, but my brain isn’t wanting to work currently. Will try to revisit later

Are you in an alliance/looking to join one?

I have as 4* to level Hu, Lancelot,Scarlet,Gobbler and Dan. My double 4*: Grimm,Sonya,Tib,Wu.

I am in an Alliance.

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