Stacking with Sir Lancelot strategy question

New to the forum, but have been playing the game since September. I had good fortune today in the Avalon summon and managed to pull 4 of the 5 event heroes (only missing Morgan La Fay) I had a thought of building a team (will take time to level obviously) with Guinevere as the tank, Lancelot next to her and Isarnia in a corner, then perhaps Merlin (or Proteus) on the other side of Guin and Zeline in the other corner.

Full disclosure, I have other heroes, many 5s and 4s but just looking for feedback on this particular line up as a solid defense team. My thinking being that Guin drops opposing mana, Lancelot helps Guin and Isarnia gain mana faster (bringing them up a bit from Average and Slow respectively), Isarnia drops opposing defense, Zeline drops the opposing defense and either Merlin or Proteus for further mana control. It seems like a good plan, looking for feedback on this lineup. If another post exists, forgive my rookie mistake.

For those wondering my 5’s and 4’s include:

(5’s) Vivica, Khiona, Elena, Marjana, Zeline, Isarnia, Guinevere, Aegir, Joon, Justice, Mitsuko, Domitia, Evelyn, Zimkitha, King Arthur, Thorne, Elkanen.

(4’s) Wilbur, Kiril (x3), Sabina, Boldtusk (x2), Melendor, Sir Lancelot (x4), Merlin, Kashrek, Wu Kong (x2), Grimm (x4), Cyprian, Hansel, Proteus, Tiburtis, Sonya, Scarlett, Ameonna, Rigard, Triton, Sumitomo, Gadeirus, Chao, Boril, Caedmon (X2), Little John, Gormek, Li Xiu (x2)

I know I have a tone of combos available and people will suggest different pairings than my one scenario, but I’m intrigued by the thought of reducing the opposing team’s defense and attack while Guin heals herself Lancelot / purple 4* all the while Lancelot boosts the mana speed of Guin and Isarnia. Thoughts ?

Guin for tank definetly
If you have enuogh mats
If you not you plan looks good but dont use Merlim on defense, AI can’t use him perfect(he need that) but proteus as a flank can working good


Lancelot is usually a terrible hero on defense because he’s so flimsy. Next to Guin he’d be okay but I think you’d be better off with Khiona on Flank.

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Thank you for the feedback. I’m going to rethink what to do now because I just got a 2nd Guinevere which makes me wonder what a team with Elena (or Arthur) as tank flanked by double Guinevere would be like ? So many options but all will take time while I acquire the ascention items.

Double Guin isnt a good idea. Flank her with your two green


Do that to suck up the reds people bring to mess up your green synergy.

Actually that makes a lot of sense. I have Zimkitha in one corner as she’s a fast AoE and a dispeller for my team. I definitely see the benefits of running double blue and have Arthur do his damage but I’m nervous to not have a dispeller. So…opinions on Arthur vs Zim in the final slot. I’ve already made the flank changes because it’s a great idea. Thanks all for the advice, very much appreciated.

Zim would be an apt replacement for Arthur. You cannot go wrong there. HOWEVER…

Arthur goes off. -54% vs blue.
Isarina does +54% damage on are of effect. (AOE), adds her -44% defense.
Arthur’s next regular attack is +98% what it was before he hit the first time, same for Isarina. Then Evelyn, Zeline hit multiple enemies at +44% of their usual attack.

It’s something to think about. Arthur on the left makes Isarina that much more deadly.

However, Zim gives all +25% damage and is AOE.

You would then go:

Isarina-Evelyn-Guin-Zeline-Zim to take advantage of the full AOE damage if everybody pops at the same time. Arthur isn’t super useful in defenses with only 1 blue.

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