Help with next accend and Def team needed

Hi all, i just got guin and was thinking to max her but i already have maxes BW as tank and Drake on lineup.
Is it worth maxing guin? Can guin go BW flank?
Any suggeations om building def team based on my roster? Many thanks in advance.

Guinevere doesn’t really work great as a flank imo, by the time she fires it hardly matters since it’s likely tiles can be ghosted and the 20% mana reduction doesn’t mean much.

I would ascend Drake first, since you have a viable tank already, and he’s a fantastic flank to a purple tank :slight_smile:

Thanks for insight, was thinking to put drake in corner, but as flank he will charge way faster. Any suggestions regarding other flank and corners?

Given your current levels (and assuming you ascend Drake), you could try this lineup:

Boldtusk | Frida | Boss Wolf | Drake | Triton

Normally I don’t like putting healers in the wings, but Boldtusk may be able to fire when it matters more thanks to Boss Wolf’s mana buff. Frida + Drake flanks makes sense, given you want heavy hitters to capitalize on the disadvantage state Boss Wolf puts his opponents in (counter-attack buff to his team + mana down ailment).

Good point. Also Tritons heal buff will boost BT heal and there is low chance opponents will go double blue vs purple tank. Thanks mate. Will run this way and think on integrating guin in whole setup :slight_smile:

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