Help with Guinevere to build a defense team with 4 * heroes

I finally got my first 5 * hero and it happened to be Guinevere. She is heralded to be one of the best tanks in the game.

I am currently in Platinum level just playing with fully ascended 4 * heroes. They are as follows:

Boldtusk, Proteus, Kashhrek, Grimm, Chao, Caedmon, Sabina, Little John, Kelile, Wu Kong and Triton.

I have started to ascend Guinevere. I am also fortunate to have all materials to ascend her to 4/80 (max).

Currently, I have Kashhrek as my tank.

Once I have maxed Guinevere, can I get some comments on how to build my defense team around her with my 4 * heroes?

Is Guinevere good at offense as well?

Thank you.


Benefits of this lineup:

  • Rainbow
  • Generally moves your strongest / most impactful heroes to the field
  • Fast heroes in the corners
  • Dispeller at far left, before anyone else fires
  • Guinevere is flanked by a purple
  • Triton gives Proteus a family bonus, and one he really needs (more defense)

I can’t speak to Guinevere on offnese, as I don’t have her.


I always heard she was worthless on offense but I’ve found her to be usable.

Typically with a % healer in another color though, keeps whole team alive, and if the % healer happens to be kiril in some off the wall lineup the stacked purple and regular defense buffs are pretty nice though i rarely stack yellow blue in same lineup

And no i dont have kunchen, she does work good with rigard tho.

Guin+hel is an interesting offensive duet as well since both average mana

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Congrats on obtaining Guin, she’s great. I don’t know if I’d commit mats to her as my first 5*. But it really depends on what you find most important. You really don’t gain anything from defense and raid cups. However, she does make it easy to stay in a desired arena (with complimenting heroes) for wanted chest purposes. She doesn’t offer much versatility. She’s a one trick pony, though I will use her in war on an attacking team for tile stacking purposes and only when I’m near depleted and have no better options, her special is next to no help.

However, if she’s destined to be your first maxed 5*, Ivy made a good suggestion. Though, I’m not a fan of 2 healers on raid defense (or healer at all in most cases)

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Thank you. So with Guinevere, I don’t need to use Kashhrek. Will Kashhrek be okay to flank Guinevere?

The thing about Guin like all tanks, is that they are the foundation of your team. How well can they punish a bad board (and allow the accompanying heroes time to attack).

Ideally, you want heroes behind guin to be able to capitalize on this and kill the attackers. Best way to do this is to have heroes that have attack specials. Kashh is not one of them. Though, on a bad board, it’s possible for you to gain some wins without a single attacker on the team, simply filled with area healers, riposte, and total healers. You just won’t get many of them.

Alternatively, you can try Caed/Grimm/Guin/Proteus/Kelile or triton (fast/avg/tank/avg/fast) (cleans+striker/defense down + striker/Tank/mana block+dot/dot+striker)

You’re limited on complimenting heroes and that’s okay. The fun part is experimenting, at least for me. My alliance mates continually question my setups, because I like seeing what I can get away with on my defense. Guin, makes that easier. You’ll get away with more things than you should than using any other tank.


I agree with what @Ded_man said. Kashhrek is not a great flank for Guinevere because his skill is not complementary. He doesn’t help kill the other team in any direct way (I mean damage). Nor does Guinevere. They both slow the other team so others can make the kill. That is why you’re receiving suggestions to pair Guinevere with damage dealers.


I love my Guinevere!!! She was my first 5* too:) I maxed her as fast as I could and used emblems to beef up defense to make her even more annoying for the opponent lol! She keeps me comfortably in diamond arena. I flank her with heavy hitters. Her mana cut slows the opponent and her heal keeps the hitters alive to finish the opponent. She also gives herself and flanks +54% defense against dark. I use her on offense for the same reasons I use her on defense. The only situation that I don’t use her is against some titans. But she can be helpful there too:)

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Thank you very for all your input. I will go with heavy hitters to go with Guinevere as suggested.

I have Guinevere maxed to 4/80. With regards to Emblems, Proteus and Guinevere are on the same Wizard class. I previously gave Proteus 6 emblems with 680 power. I have 86 emblems currently. Shall I give 65 to Guinevere to give her 770 power or give 70 to Proteus to give him 690 power? Any help will be appreciated.

It should read Proteus Level 6 on emblems

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