Special skill - percent of what?

I’m sure the answer to my question is on the forums somewhere, but I looked and couldn’t find it. So here it goes:

For special skills, when it says “deals XX% damage to…” what is the number it is taking the percentage of?

For example, see Alasie

She deals 462% damage. 462% of what number?
Is it 462% of her attack stat? So 462% of 769?
Is it 462% of her power? So 462% of 803?

I understand troops various things will affect the damage dealt by a hero. I’m not trying to do any complex math and tally things up. I just want to know what number that percent damage is based off of.

Oh and I’m assuming the “deals XX% damage to…” number is the same for all heroes. Hopefully I’m correct about that.

Thanks in advance for the info!

Most of the details are in the paradigm shifting piece of work Damage Calculation by the revered @SolemnWolf

I believe that the % is based on the attack stat, so 462% of 789.

(This is most easily seen on a titan who does 100% damage to all enemies - all your heroes are hit by one normal attack.)

But attack and defence have a non-linear relationship, so that does not translate into a damage result exactly 462% greater than normal.

I’m sure someone like @Gryphonknight or Kerridoc will correct or expand on my answer if necessary.


Yes, this is correct — but with Troops added in too, as well as any other stat modifiers like Family Bonuses, and any status effects that modify Special Skill Attack amounts.

Defense teams also have an undisplayed 20% bonus for Attack and Defense, which affects the effective Special Skill Attack amount as well.

This is the critical piece to understand, as 462% doesn’t mean 462% as much damage — it can actually mean far more when the total Attack exceeds the total Defense of the target.



There is also some more weirdness- special skills are tinted attacks, attack stat soft cap, special skills do not get critical hits, etc. - but it gives you a general idea about the strength of the attack.

Compare to battle items that bypasses defense stat, and all defense buffs, to do a flat amount of colorless damage.



Awesome thank so much for the info guys!

Yeah this math stuff is super complicated and I know it gets pretty in depth too. Too complex for me, haha

I’m good knowing the that % damage of a special skill is loosely based off attack stat.

Thanks again! :slightly_smiling_face:

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The OP already said this [quote=“Kels12471, post:1, topic:135293”]
I understand troops various things will affect the damage dealt by a hero. I’m not trying to do any complex math and tally things up. I just want to know what number that percent damage is based off of.
He just asked % of what

Well duh. It’s obviously % of the % of the % based loosely on attack stat and also modified by troops and special skills and soft and hard caps along with other assorted hats, so X+Y/Z to the ^10* divided by the sum of the ratio of the tangent to the hypotenuse (don’t forget to carry the one and substitute for the margin of error while submitting the irrational remainder).

Do you even math, bro? It’s all been clearly explained above.


I guess you put all the words you know about math in one comment… but it doesn’t make any sense.

The comment was meant as a joke.


Part of me is offended by the suggestion that I don’t understand math, but more of me is offended by the fact that you thought that was a serious comment.

EDIT again: since some people on the internet like to take everything literally… I was making a comment in jest on the fact that the original question had not really been answered. Percent of what?

Lemme break it down in literal terms, to show you that I actually do sort of understand math…

Let’s say a hero’s special skill does 400% damage to the target. 400% of what? It can’t be a flat 400% of their attack skill, because in that case, a hero with 700 attack power would do 2800 damage with their special attack. That would be absolutely insane, and would probably one-shot almost any hero in the game.

So obviously the 400% damage is not literally 400% of their attack skill. Maybe it’s 400% of the damage that a single tile would do? Probably not, a 400% damage special usually does more than 4x the damage of any single tile, so let’s say it’s 3 tiles, so a 400% attack would equal the damage of 12 tiles. But what tiles? Same color as the caster? Strong color? Weak color?

Then you bring troops into the mix. “Modified by…” modified how exactly? +/- how much % of the original damage?

Hence the joke. The joke being that the original question wasn’t exactly answered in specific mathematical terms.

I know, I know, it probably wasn’t very funny, especially not if English is not your first language, humor and sarcasm and such don’t always translate properly. The point is, I made that comment in jest. I’m not a mathematician, but I do have a basic understanding of simple mathematics.


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