Deals 290% damage, what does that mean?

Heroes say like “Deals 290% damage”, but of what? I can’t figure that out. :thinking:

I guess devs could give you some formula, but it is 290% of the damage the hero would do with a normal attack. Not sure what normal attack means, how many gem hits it is equivalent too. If one gem does 40 damage, a 290% hit is definitely more than 2,9 times that which would be about 120. it might be closer to 3 gem hits. Damage depends on the difference of attack and defence, but I don’t know the exact formula. Hero colors don’t seem to be a factor in special attacks, as they do in normal attacks.


Yes, i guess it is something like that. But I would really like to know more exactly. When you level heroes they get higher numbers on attack. But that number is way more than what they attack with their special attack, that is stated like 290%. Confusing.

Well the number still tells you something. How strong it is compared to other heroes.

Well, I have a hero that does 320%damage, and he is way weaker than the one that says 280%.and how does leveling up affect the attack? I’m an engineer, so I like this things. :grin:

I’m a strategist so I like that too, hehe.

For what I gather, it is a % on top of the “attack” status. So yes, a very misleading information. A 250% special attack hero can do way less then a 100% special one. It all depends on its status.

It’s not clearly stated anywhere, but the attack you do has a range, let’s say you usually do 50, you can also do 44 ou 55. And on top of that you have the critical hit that doubles the damage (the attack shows as stronger bold red and not the normal yellow or white – it’s white when the hero is missing or a weak hit due colors scheme) aaaand the whole color scheme that increase or decrease the damage done to a given color. You can also Miss if you get a debuff for such. On top of all that, your damage will be affected by the defense of your opponent.

I also noticed that the attack written in the hero does not means an actual attack. My Hel has a 573 attack with a 315% attack. Against a blue weak enemy she did 104, 106, 99, 92, 98, 105, 96, 93, 95. And a 194 critical. Same type of enemy got hit by 917 using the special, against the boss lvl is was only 630 and then again 680.

So you see my original 573 attack is affected by a possible 270-300 defense (in the first monster). Leaving me with 270-300 attack, that is then divided by 3 for every tile. And multiplied by 315% for the special. The Boss had more defense, so my 573 became 200ish.

So, in order to define you damage you must take to account 1. You raw attack power 2.% of damage. That way a 100 with 315% will have a 315% raw attack. A 315 with 100% attack will also due a 315 raw attack.
This raw attack will then be subjected to the enemies color and defense.
And then to the range of attack (in my case between 92-106) and a chance for a critical double strike.

Because of all that, using the right colors against the one you facing is very important. Also very useful to have heros that will decrease the enemy’s defense. That will reflect directly on your damage. On that same boss, with a 30% less defense, my 630-680 attack reached almost 1000. So you want to apply the buffs and debuffs before actually hitting with the attack focused heros.

A few other comments:
:small_orange_diamond:I’m pretty sure that there’s no possibility of critical special attack. And since it’s always changing (depending on all above) it’s hard to identify if it might happen.
:small_orange_diamond:The heros that do splash damage, usually means half of the main damage. That damage is the same for both sides and if it’s a miss, will miss all splashes as well, but if it hits there’s no possibility of miss for the splashes.
:small_orange_diamond:You do only critical against enemies of the right color. That doesn’t apply to special attacks. Against the wrong color you cannot critical and gives half of normal damage.
:small_orange_diamond:If your hero is dead, he no longer has any kind of bonus, but also is imune to any debuff. But the damage done by his color tiles is the same. You don’t lose its damage.
:small_orange_diamond:Using more than one color hero will add all attack power, not sure what’s the count here, but using 3 of the same lvl 1 1* gave me 80 attack, 164 special. Using one gave me 25 attack and 60 special. It seems it will even affect the % attack of that hero. Not sure if it’s intended.
:small_orange_diamond:Because of this, against a single color, you might consider swapping the weak color for another of the strong color. Like against a blue Titan you can take 2 greens and no red. The only problem of doing so is that every red match will do 1 or miss damage and miss doesn’t count and damage done for the weak spot. A bad luck can destroy you, like a lot of misses in the weak spot or only red combos.

I hope this helps.


So you mean that if you use a special attack and have 2 of the same color you do more damage than with just one?

I havent noticed that. If I launch Lianna she seems to do same damage, with Caedmon in the team or without. But not completely sure. Need to check that again, but my gut feeling is that.

The special attack X% tells how he compares to other heroes. The final damage depends on your attack stat and target’s defence stat. So a lower % hero can do more damage because of that

I checked this BEFORE the foxes, and was probably a bug. You might want to check it up now.

About the %, so it does not tell you how it relates to other heros. Since it’s not a VALUE. Max heroes with low attack, usually have higher % among the ones like it. Not because his more powerful, but because that balances him.

Like my Thorne has 407 attack (very low among the others with same power. But his special is 420%, so despite the low attack he can do a high damage. Does it means he’s the strongest? Hell no.
My Hel in other hand has only 315% special, but 500ish at that same lvl.

So in value, Thorne can do 135 per tile and 1,700 special (plus splash). Hel can do 189 per tile and 1,600 special (plus damage). They are balanced. 420 may sounds a lot more than 315, by it hardly reflects in in actual damage. Thorne will actually do less damage overall due to weaker tile damage, but he has great defense and HP. Hel will do better at attacks, but has less HP and def.

I keep meaning to post on here but never seem to have the time!! Using the tap and hold feature on heroes in battle is a great way to get information like this. For example, the attached pic shows Boldtusk, with 2 active buffs on him. (his own, and Wu Kong)

Boldtusk’s original power is 588. The number in green is his attack power after the buffs.
588 (original power) + 588x48% +588x185% = 1955. The higher attack will be a benefit to special attack and gem attacks.

And I will get back to this thread, but I thought I should at least throw this up here when I had the chance!!


I thought i read in your compendium actually that some attack buffs don’t stack. Is that true, and if so can you elaborate as to which ones are currently known to not stack? I have boldtusk and brienne and always wondered if their attack buffs stack.

It’s all in the Compendium, and has been updated to reflect the changes up to version 1.4.3. I will have to check to see if anything has changed with version 1.5 ( I just haven’t had the time yet.) If you have any further questions, please ask!

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Mai, thank you sooo much! Very very clearifying! I love you.

Ditto on the ring. I need formulas and specifics

Please scroll up and read. It’s posted just above. :slight_smile:

Here’s a sample:

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