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Good afternoon to all the players
I have a question, and since there are always people in this forum who know more than I do, that’s why I ask.
Having said that, my question is … where does it apply and when does it apply and how does a hero’s attack apply …? I will explain in more detail … I am not referring to the attack percentage of a hero, but rather to the attack that is on the hero’s card along with the defense and health or life.


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If you want it to be answered in Spanish language, I can move it back. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hiya @Saputamaredecristo

The Attack Stat (and defence stat) are factors in the Damage Calculation. It is the basis of calculating how much damage the Hero does from Tile Damage (from the board) and for the special skill

Similarly, the Defence Stat is used to determine how much Damage the Hero TAKES from normal & special skill attacks.

Read more about how they factor into the Damage Calculation here:

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