Please help me prioritize my heroes

I’ve gotten some new heroes from the last couple events, and also from my TC 20, so I’m trying to gauge if my plan makes sense. Heroes are listed in current priority order, with those parked or waiting listed on second line. All other heroes I have are max levels, duplicates or feeders. Let me know what you think.

Red: Guardian Kong 4.67, Bauchan 1.01
Waiting: none

  • Easy choice, as these are the only 2 heroes I have that wouldn’t be a duplicate of a max level hero. Guardian Kong has been pushed back at times by other higher priority heroes. Unsure if that should happen again.

Purple: Ameonna 4.59, Tyrum 2.15
Waiting: Obakan 3.70 (need mats)

  • Easy choice, as these are the only 2 heroes I have that wouldn’t be a duplicate of a max level hero. Obakan is close to having enough materials, but will finish Ameonna first, as he’s just okay.

Green: Mnessus 2.01, Carver 3.27
Waiting: Gobbler 3.60, Jack O’Hare 3.60, Skittleskull 3.60, Kadilen 2.60

  • Lots of greens parked at a sensible level, will need to decide order soon. Have been getting a bunch of Carvers, so feeding the dupes to the one I’m leveling, probably will finish him, since he’s close.

Yellow: Leonidas 1.34, Melia 1.05, Arman 1.01
Waiting: Justice 3.70, Gan Ju 2.31, Hu Tao 3.60, Li Xiu 3.60, Chao 3.60, Kailani 1.01

  • I’m planning on Leonidas to 2.60 or 3.70 for now. Lots of yellows parked, but have some good non basic 3* options to work on first, I feel.

Blue: Kiril 4.60, Gato 1.15
Waiting: Magni 3.70 (lack mats), Valen 3.10, Triton 3.60, Richard 1.01, Thorne 1.01

  • If I had materials for Magni, I’d put him behind Kiril, I think. Gato seems good for events. I’m unsure about Triton’s spot in the order and Richard versus Thorne versus the others in the waiting list.

Thanks for reading.

You got all of them right!

Id say to give your 2* and 3* heroes of the same color to your high level heroes and start feeding the newer ones with 1* (to save food).
As Leonidas is around your 3* level Id say to focus first on the 3* ones and then on him alone.

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Your choices for your minimal colors is spot on. Your blues, I would get Kiril to 4-70 then work on Gato and Valen although when you do those two, work on Valen first as he is almost to 3-50.

As for your greens, finish Carver as he is almost to 3-50 then work on Mnesseus as he is a very good 3 star green dispeller sniper. I have him fully emblemed actually and here is what he looks like with max stats:

For your ones waiting I would do Jack O’Hare then Kadilen. How is your tonic count just out of curiosity?

For your holy heroes, you have a good idea on maxing out your 3 stars first. Do that and then when you get enough orbs, ascend Li Xiu and Chao. As one can never have enough mana cut heroes. :wink:

For your reds, mop up G.Kong and then max Bauchan like a mug because he is gonna be the most useful 3 star in tourneys where blue is banned and only 3 stars are allowed.

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Thanks for the advice, and glad to hear that I have it at least mostly right per both of you.

Mysterious Tonics are currently at 9, which is the most of the 4* ascension materials, except Royal Tabards, of which I have 12. Being almost completely free to play (unless a cheap VIP deal or guild gem sharing offer shows up) means I have a limited number of 5* heroes, so 4* materials aren’t too problematic, unless I get multiple 5* heroes in the same color quickly. Blue is a problem, as I got Isarnia, then Magni in rapid succession. I now have 2 more blue 5*, but Magni will bump ahead once I get the 6th telescope I need…

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@Zteev How is your sturdy shield count? Because I know Kadilen needs then at tier 3 and 4.

Sturdy shields now at 20 after our last titan. Only 3* mat I am in single digits on is Hidden Blades for Red, due to getting Guardian Kong up to last ascension level.

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@Zteev Okay perfect! You should have more than enough mats for Kadilen when you get to that hero. Happy hunting!

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