Hero Roster...keep or boot?

The below screenshots are all of my heroes I have currently. Who should I focus on leveling up and who should I boot? From my current status, which he t.d oes would make a great team for defense? Thanks for your help in advance!! Screenshot_20181214-072220_Empires|243x500

You have a good assortment of heroes there. Congrats. Couple pieces of advice.

  1. Focus! You’re all over the place with your leveling. Pick 1 hero of each color and take them to max, using feeders of the same color, then move on to the next.
  2. You only have a couple heroes that aren’t worth nonfarmable materials. Karil is barely worth bothering with. Obakan doesn’t deserve to go past 2/60.
  3. Focus on these for the first batch to max: Grimm, Merlin, Chao, Scarlett, Melendor. If you get Wu Kong, move him ahead of Chao.

I disagree on obakon not going above 2/60.

For tile damage on titans/stacking Obakon is more serviceable than Quintus. Not the greatest hero, but would not be horrid to 3/70 after Victor, Merlin & Tiburtus have gotten priority.

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By the time the OP has the mats for those three, they’re likely to have a better option, like Sartana or Panther

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First, I would like to echo: work on one hero in each color at a time, doing on color feedings to maximize the exp and skill raise chance. Once they hit the mat wall, or they’re maxed, you can move onto someone else. That, or if you get someone that needs your immediate attention, you could drop your current project and then I’d recommend finishing them off after.

Also, I would focus on building a few rainbow 4* teams first. They’re faster and cheaper to level than 5*, and their stats are a lot better when stuck at the mat wall. Then, I’d work on 3* to help round out your roster for war, and to let you participate in the beginner tier in the challenge event. They’re fast and cheap, but won’t be nearly as strong as your 4* at 3/60.

I wouldn’t start on your 5* unless: you’re close to having all of the necessary mats to fully ascend them, when you have no one worthy left to work on in that color, or if they’re amazing heroes with unique and helpful specials that could still be useful at 2/60. They’re very time and resource consuming, and most don’t start being helpful til 3T. Plus, it takes a long time to gather all of the necessary mats to take them to 80.

Now, for keeping heroes, I would recommend always holding onto your last copy of every 4* and 5*. I would keep dupes of the good 4* and 5* (healers, buffers, solid attackers, mana controllers, etc.), but it’s up to you on how many you want to keep. I’ll keep one dupe of the good heroes, and two if it’s a versatile or helpful special. I would only keep one copy of the good 3*, maybe two if you’re wanting to compete in the beginner tier. It’s very cheap to expand your hero space, so I would recommend that over eating away any 4* or 5* that you think you may one day use.

Now, for leveling:

Red: Since Kelile is already 4T, you should finish her to 70 before moving onto someone new. Then I’d start on Gormek for defense down in red (great for events and Titans); though, if you pull Wilbur during Atlantis, he should come before Gormek. After that, I’d do Lancelot for a high attack stat in red + attack and mana gen buff. Scarlett for a fast hitter with a high attack stat. Then you could either move to Colen for defensive purposes, or start on your 3*. Boldtusk is the only amazing regular red 4* missing, but I’d prioritize him first over the rest (except maybe Wilbur) (4*).

Your only red 3* is Rudolph, but he’s amazing, so definitely work on him. If you pull Nashgar, Hawkmoon and Namahage- I would keep and work on them as well (3*).

Blue: Alasie is an amazing 5*, so if you can ascend her, I would. If not, I’d finish her off at 60 and start on your 4* (5*).

Grimm is the best blue 4*, so get working on him for defense down in blue (he’s also the best pulverizer), it will come in handy for offense, titans and events. After him, I’d do Sonya for the fast hit and dispel. Leave Valeria and Boril til last (maybe do 3* before them) (4*).

Valen is one of the best 3* hitters, so work on him. Then Ulmer for defense down on all, and then Gunnar for the spirit link. Keep and work on Gato if you pull him (3*).

Green: Finish Melendor to 60, then start on Buddy for defense down in green. After that, I’d do Caedmon for another fast dispel hit, then Little John for that high attack stat. Afterward, you could work on Kashhrek if you’re needing a solid tank- he’s the best 4* tank out right now; plus, he’s nice if you don’t have enough healers for war, and in that case, I would do him before LJ (4*).

Evelyn is an amazing 5* that has a unique ability, but really needs other greens to shine. You could start on her early, but ultimately I would wait until you have at least two other greens maxed. She’ll be awesome for blue titans and tanks, and in a green stack (5*).

No green 3*, so keep Belith, Brienne, Berden and Mnesseus if you pull them. Especially since you don’t have any attack buffers, Brienne could come in handy for Titans until that day comes (3*).

Yellow: Finish out Chao, then work on Li Xiu for another mana controller. If you pull Wu Kong, move him to the front of the line for Titans and events (4*).

Bane is a solid 3*, so keep him as well as Gan Ju, Melia and Kailani (3*).

Purple: Finish Obakan to 60 since you’re so close, then finish Victor to 60. I would ascend Victor before Obakan, he has better stats and will be more versatile and get more use. I’d actually prefer you start on your 4* before these guys, but they’re closer to 60 than your 4* so you might as well (5*).

Get Merlin in the works first, his mana control is amazing. After that, I’d do Rigard for a deep immediate heal and cleanse. After, Tiburtus for defense down in purple (for events and titans). Afterward, Sabina for another deep heal and dispel. Leave Cyprian til last (I don’t value riposte all that much, but if you do, you could work on one of those riposte heroes earlier) (4*).

Keep Balthazar, Tyrum, Gill-Ra and Chochin out of the 3* (3*).

Hopefully that all made sense and can help (and wasn’t too many words lol oops). Feel free to ask anymore questions you may have. Good luck and happy leveling :blush:


Makes perfect sense! :grin::grin: @RhandaPandah @NPNKY Now how do I position them in attack or defense? Never quite got the gist of it

There are 5 hero positions on defense.
Your center hero is your tank. They will get hit with the most tiles, so they need high defense and health to absorb the hits. Slow mana is okay for a tank, since they’ll eat enough tiles to charge.
Adjacent to your tank are your flanks. They’ll absorb tile hits from 1 row until the tank is down, then from 2 rows. This is a good spot for average mana heroes.
The far outside heroes are your wings. They’re the most protected, so this is a good spot for squishy heroes. Fast or average mana is best because they won’t eat many tiles.

The AI plays your defense, so you want to make it as idiot proof as possible. It will fire charged specials from left to right, so you want to arrange your heroes with support and buffers on the left and hitters on the right.

Left wing: Fast support/buff/debuff. Ok to be squishy. Good spot for Grimm.
Left flank: Average support/healer/dispeller. Good spot for Melendor
Tank: Slow mana, durable, usually AoE hitters or healers. Good spot for Kelile at the moment and Kasshrek, Li Xiu or Aegir long term.
Right flank: Average hitters. Good spot for Chao at the moment.
Right wing: Glass cannons. Good spot for Merlin.

For defense, you generally will want a rainbow team. There’s no advantage to color stacking on defense, and it gives your opponent an easy color stacking advantage.

For attacking, the arrangement of your heroes is much less important. You choose when to fire specials, so you don’t have to put training wheels on for the AI. The thing to be aware of on attack is if you have a hero that buffs adjacent heroes, they shouldn’t be on the ends. Put them in position 2, 3, or 4 so you get their buff on 3 heroes. Otherwise, skills and color are more important than arrangement. You want to double up on the color that is strong against the most dangerous opponent and leave out the weak color. You want to make sure that you take heroes with skills to counteract your opponent. If they have an annoying buff, bring a dispeller. If they have a DoT hitter or a nasty debuff, bring a cleanser. If they have someone with a truly devastating special, maybe bring a mana controller to keep them from using it. Make sure you have a good mix of support and hitters.


Just my 2 cents on the subject OP figure out how you like to play. Then build a team around that particular style. What I have gained and learned. There is no right or wrong way to build a team up. What works for me won’t work for you. I mean at the moment I am using the following team.

Victor… Debuffs, Buffs, Counters
Hansel … Counters
Richard… Hits really hard and Debuffs
Inari… Buffs and Hits really hard. Also Debuffs indirectly
bloodtusk… Buffs and Heals

My team doesn’t bring tons and tons of damage but they do bring a lot of debuffs making the other team extremely weak. This in turn makes them easier to kill. That strategy just happens to work for me. I seen someone people that go for brute force. Others that go for more of a counter that chips away. Figure out your style and build a team from that.


This is great advice guys thanks! So I just did a 10x hero pull for the dark heroes. As it stands I have 2 Rigards, 3 Oberons 2 Balthazaars 2 Tyrums and 2 Evelyn’s. Do I keep duplicates?

Keep all of your Rigards, Balthazars but only one Tyrum… Oberon is just food.
Don’t feed 5* heroes, keep your Evelyns.

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