Snow white worth the mats?

Pulled snow white and wondering if she is worth the materials? Her special seems meh to hmm to me. Here is what I bring in for my mono blue team. Would she be a benefit to adding or should I hold into the mats?

Whats your blue mana troop situation lookin like? SW does massive dmg if you’re able to remove a lot of buffs/status ailments. I think SW would replace Thorne on that team. Also switch C.Kiril to Kiril+CB since C.Kiril’s ability overlaps with Alice and Isarnia’s.

That way, if timed correctly, you can potentially remove 19 buffs/status ailments (3+1+10+5) (potentially more since I’m not sure if it removes Frida’s elemental link). You only need to remove 16 buffs/status ailments to max out SW’s damage.

Here is my blue troops. Here is why I like Frida Thorne combo. Frida special then Thorne is a game changer. You hit anyone with that combo and they are donezo. Frida giving that defense down to blue plus Thorne right after is dangerous. What I’ve been doing is using ckiril special which does defense down for maybe 2 or 3 rounds and then i set isarnia off which essentially does the same so it’s leaving their defense down for a good 6 or 7bturna.

Do you use this team in wars vs green tanks? My only concern is the speed of the team. You only have 1 fast hero (8 tiles to charge). Frida, Thorne, and Kiril all take 10 tiles to charge. Isarnia and Snow White take 12 tiles to charge. If you get an average to below average board, it’s highly likely that your heroes will die before even firing their special.

If you really are set on the Frida + Thorne combo, I would work stop working on your crit troops and get a lvl23+mana troop on both Frida and Thorne (which will take a long time) so they fire in 9 tiles instead of 10. And get a lvl5+ mana troop on C.Kiril so that he fires in 9 tiles as well.

So first get that lvl 1 mana troop to lvl 5 and give it to C.Kiril. Then go from there. At least that will help keep the team alive. If you don’t want to replace Thorne with SW, I think it would make sense replacing Isarnia then since C.Kiril is already giving defense down.

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I have her at 4.80 and love her. She won’t be an every fight hero for you though most likely. I don’t use her for blue stacks typically. Bringing her against the right opponents is critical though to get the most out of her. And, I try to pair her with Wilbur as much as possible since he provides enough status effects to max out her special which is brutal at top damage %.

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Thanks for the input.

Yeah, I was reading Wilbur is great paired with her.

She deals and steals.
Best Grimm hero imo.

Wilbur, poiseidon, rigard, mist


Snow White is a luxury hero. Ideal only for players with deep bench of heroes and several mana troops leveled. I realized that way late as I made her my 5th maxed ice legendary, ascended and maxed even before my Vela and Miki got their scopes a few months back. My first 4 maxed ice legendaries are Athena, Frida, Ariel and Master Lepus, in that order. But she’s the reason why I haven’t utilized the boring Vela and GM defense core with Telluria as I place her in my defense at +18. I’ve won several accidental raids against Telly tanks using SW when I neglectfully forgot replacing my monoblue team to my usual go to monoteams (greens and reds) against Telly-tanked teams. Vela and GMs status effects and DOT and Telly’s status effects both to the enemy and their allies greatly contribute for SW to be truly devastating. That may be the reason why I won in those accidental encounters where I realized after a few turns that I brought the wrong team when the tank doesnt die despite several “favorable” tiles thrown at it. Good thing my Ariel is there to heal everyone.


I have her maxed as well. I use her in most raids. If Jean Francois or Aegir or Wilbur is on the opposing team, I’m definitely bringing her. Even some enemies that cause poison, fire or sand damage, its good to have her.

Being slow speed actually works to her advantage because the more buffs and ailments that are active, the more powerful her hit will be. If you time her right, she can destroy 2 or 3 enemies at a time and the remaining enemies will be very weak and easy to kill.

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Yep…bring Wilbur and SW destroys.

I just realized that she is no.1 hit-all raw damage, based on this analyst…

Top 5 hit-all raw damage, bottom is the better:

Hero Damage before modifiers
Killhare 2223
Mok-Arr (yellow) 2593.5
Ursena (HP>50%, yellow) 2766.4
G. Owl (all allies KO’d) 2854.75
Snow White (16 or more dispels) 3175.2

:notebook: Direct Raw Damage - Hit all Enemies

More info Snow White:
:information_source: Snow White – 5* Ice/Blue from Fables of Grimforest


New very fast war defense meta: Green Reviver - x - Alfrike - Snow White - G.Owl ??
Maybe something that gives a lot of buffs/status ailments on left flank like Khagan or JF.

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G Owl is no joke if he goes off as the last man standing. I did a double take once when he basically wiped my healthy team across the board.

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