Snow White or Missandra


Soon I will be able to finally ascend one blue hero. Snow White or Misandra?

I have Ariel maxed and a fix on my defense (benefits from Atlantis family bonus with Poseidon), Thorne and Isarnia maxed also. All with emblems.

So, at 3.70 Misandra is in my blue raid stack (along with Ariel, Proteus, Thorne, Isarnia), of some use. Snow White is too slow and dies before firing, so I’m not using her yet frequently. To benefit fully of her talents I should include maybe Kirill in my blue stack.

Which would make a bigger impact? Raids, Titans is what I have in mind. I would love some opinions from people who are actually using them.


On defense, snow white more deadly than misandra.

On another aspect i don’t know. Don’t have both of them. Misandra never gives me a problem when raiding her. She usually ignored and be killed last.

But another pro players seems love using misandra on offense and defense

as a general rule I tend to favor fast heroes, so I’d say Misandra.
I recently maxed her, after a long hesitation.
I don’t have snow white though, so I can’t really compare

I have both. Misandra I use all the time, same I can not say about Snow White. For slow hero she is to weak. She can fit in mono, 3+2 no way. I tried and it did not work.

Such is my experience. Yes I play for top alliance (bottom is my place) where speed matters.

In my honest opinion, I would max Misandra first. She is better on both offence and defence and against the Titan.
Good luck

I like Misandra I dont know about Snow white. She can attack multiple times but not always. What I like the most about her is mana distribution on her team mate.

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