Frida or Snow White?

I have both at 3/70.
Frida seems like she’ll be more useful all around. The defense boost is nice and she hits pretty hard with average speed.
Snow White can hit really hard but only situation. If the wrong board, wrong opponent she can be slow and weak. The 420% to all though is tempting.

The magic of Frida is not how hard she hits, it’s how weak she makes the opponents against blue. This essentially makes other blues hit harder (target is weaker so takes more damage). This is great for wars, raids and titans when running a blue stack.

Snow White is great, but I’d likely pick Frida

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I’ll 2nd Frida - that elemental defense down stacks with regular defense down, so Athena/Kunchen/Wilbur push the damage even higher.

Snow White only SEEMS niche in my opinion. There’ll almost always be buffs or debuffs on the field, so she’ll most likely be hitting for a solid amount. She’s great, Frida’s just more versatile.

Frida will be used under more circumstamces. Snow White is very niche as to reach max damage, she needs 16 buffs and debuffs to be active from what I read as she purges everything. I would do Frida unless you want to build a team or defense built around Snow White.

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