Six rings to rule them all, six rings to find them

I was recently gifted my sixth set of rings, and have to decide if I want to use them now, or wait. Current choices are–

2nd Lady Loki
2nd Grazul

Current maxed reds are–

Kong +20
Lady Loki +10
Tyr +10
Red Hood
Marjana +10

This would be for war depth.

Leaning towards cAzlar, but I can be convinced otherwise…

Errr… not to burst your bubble, but do you already have 1st Graz maxed? It is not in your list of maxed reds.

At any rate, if you only have 7 maxed fire legendaries, then we are on the same boat. My maxed 5* reds are GM+19, 2nd GM, Ares, Jean Francois, Mitsuko+20, Grazul and Azlar (no costume). I have several mystic rings and the contenders are 2nd Mitsuko at 3/70, Reuben at 3/70, Marjana at 3/70 and 3rd GM untouched. Currently working on Captain Kestrel and I think I will max him. I am at a luxury since I have 29 mystic rings available in my inventory.

If I am at your shoes, I would hold on to those rings and hoard some more while working those candidates to 3/70. But if you must, go for 1st Grazul. But if you already have 1 maxed and you really really really wanted so bad to ascend a new fire legendary, go for costumed Azlar. I know I would since I have been wanting that costume for months now.

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Yes, I do have a maxed Grazul, thanks for pointing that out. All the choices listed are already at 3/70. Just need to pull the trigger…

Man, 29 rings! I couldn’t be so patient…

You have very good selection of reds at the moment and your options are very so-so.

In your case I would wait for the new heroes to be released later this year and be ready with the rings when you are lucky to pull them.

League of Villains will have two great legendary reds. S4 will have at least 1. There’s still chance you get to pull someone like Gefjon also. I wouldn’t waste my rings on someone mediocre just out of anxiety for having the full set. I myself have 15 rings and a bench of 3.70 Santas, Anzoghs, Natalyas, Reubes… not to mention Azlars, Elenas and dupe Marjanas. Would have 21 but Gefjon appeared on Christmas :slight_smile: She was the only one worthy… Rest of rings are waiting for better heroes…

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Azlar or costume? Costumes don’t require the 4* mats.

Azlar is at 3/70. I would have to ascend him to 4 to be able to max the costume. I would probably just leave him at 4/1 and max out the costume.

I would eventually have to max the normal version so I can put emblems on him, though.

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I love Azlar even when I have others.

Use him without costume would be better due to hitting all with burn is what made him fearsome and not the hit-3.

I would go with Jean without hesitation.

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Yea J-F for help against Finley and Frigg and any one that applies def down. Runner up … 2nd Grazul. She’s so helpful again so many. And very fast. I finally have 3 mana troops of each color at 11 or higher, so very fast heroes are super handy. Charging in 6 tiles is a game changer.


She’s good.

It’s because I tend to be picky with the heroes I want to level, ascend and max. Besides, I have my army of 4* heroes helping my legendaries in raids and in wars. My first moored team for wars are composed of Mitsuko+20 (supported by my level 11 mana troop), Falcon+18 (supported by my level 25 mana troop), Wilbur+20 (supported by my 2nd level 11 mana troop), Boldtusk+19 with MCB and mana bonus node at 19 (supported by my level 2 mana troop) and maxed but unemblemed Azlar (supported by my level 20 crit troop). Even if Azlar is unemblemed and without costume, I don’t see much need to improve his stats by embleming since he is protected by Wilbur, who along with Falcon, Mitsuko and Boldtusk, fire in 9 tiles due to the mana bonus from the talents, costume and mana troops. Azlar will have to deal his finishing blow after I made another favorable 3-tile match. My second monored team for war is composed of Ares unemblemed flanked by my 2 GMs, and supported by either 2nd BT+18 with MCB or 2nd Falcon or 2nd Wilbur or Grazul. I am also working on my 3rd monored team for war and Kestrel will be key to that, with 3rd Wilbur and 3rd Falcon, both at 3/60, ascended soon. JF will finally be taking part in that, who I somehow regretted maxing since I really don’t use him except for ToL or ninja events. If I am troubled by Finley or Frigg because of their defense debuff, I’d rather max a 2nd Mitsuko for Finley to kill himself or deal direct damage and mana cut to Frigg and nearby. That 3rd monored team will also fire their skills in 9 tiles or less. Costumed Marj would have been good but maybe in the next portals.

And this is why I said:

For me, because of my roster of heroes, the only fire 5* heroes worthy of rings are Black Knight, Garnet, Vanda, costumed Marana, Gefjon and maybe Tyr.

Maybe I will max Khagan, currently at the early levels of the third tier but removed from the leveling team due to the recently-acquired Kestrel. I have his costume too from free keys. It should have been costume of Marj but…

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I hear you, Marj is the costume I was lusting for (and perhaps Leo) but the RNG gods decided to grace me with two Khagans and another Isarnia.

I also play strictly mono. I love my #1 red team - Boldtusk (+20 with costume bonus), Wilbur +20, Lady Loki +10, Tyr +10, and Kong +20. It is deadly.

My 2nd team is Grazul, Red Hood, Santa, Marjana +10 and cElena.

I think I’m leaning towards cAzlar. Unlike many (most, perhaps) I love my slow heroes, and with the costume bonus and 23 mana troop, I believe he would be average anyway.

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My problem right now is ham. I was on a troop levelling mission, but got the mats to max Onyx and Guardian Owl (going to love him in the very Fast wars) so levelling them takes all my resources. Also, emblems are ham machines. Before they started going up, I managed to get this far–

Red - 20 (crit), 19, 11,11 (mana), and one ninja at 11
Green - 23 (mana), 20 (crit) 11, 11, 11 (two mana and a ninja)

The rest of my troops are going to get there eventually. Currently -

Purple - 23, 17, 9, 8 (all mana) one crit at 8
Yellow - 20 (crit), 15, 11, 9 (mana) and one crit at 8
Blue - 20 (crit), 19, 8, 8 (mana) and one crit at 8

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I know it is deadly. But it is a lot far deadlier if you have Falcon in that team (or costumed Marjanas for the both of us hahaha). Tyr is the odd man out and deserved to have a team of his own. All would have charged their mana at the same time. Shoot!! Now I just recently realized I want Kong this bad. That gorilla is the one I lack among the Teltoc heroes. But I won’t be summoning anymore at that portal only to get a 2nd Owl (I haven’t even touched the first one yet) or Chameleon (at 3/70, not a priority as I only see him at his most optimum if used in rainbow attack setup) or multiple dupes of Bats (I have already 2 maxed and decently emblemed), Falcon (2 maxed and another one at 3/60 in preparation of my 3rd monored team) and 5 Jackals (2 highly emblemed, another one maxed but without emblems; Leo costume would have been a godsend for both of us but maybe in the next masquerade portals fingers crossed hehe). A dupe Panther would have been nice and I would max a second one in a heartbeat. But I guess I’ll settle getting Kong and Panther at HA10 I guess, maybe in 10 years… or more.

Man, I have been drooling to get his costume but I won’t be using gems. Been using free keys in the costume portal, netting me costumes of Lianna, Joon, Domitia and recently Khagan :face_vomiting:, among others from the epic and rare S1 heroes. Lucky for you having him.

Same here. Though it’s not really a first world problem since I have 3 Advanced Farms and 6 regular Farms all maxed and that I open raid chests at least 3-4 times a day, netting me most of the time over 200k food every chest. Besides, I still have a lot of my food bundles and my TC20 is queued for around 300 days, the same amount of time queued at my Hero Academy level 6 and TC11, the latter has over 3000 claimable feeder heroes, waiting for the prized heroes to power level.

My problem now is the iron sink. Aside from embleming heroes and dumping them to HA6, I find myself crafting more bomb attack. If I just have nuggets, I would certainly craft tornadoes, or titan parts for the crafting of hurricanes at HL.

Darn lucky for you to get this ninja. He is like 5 Kages in 1 hero, able to dispel first before dealing damage And without the damage cap if enemy HP is below 50%. All I netted as legendary from that darnedest portal is Jade, who is a crazy broken hero designed by an equally crazy broken developer. Why would you cut the enemies’ mana when you are already ready to dodge their special skills anyway that I feel it’s a waste of dodge since it is highly possible that the enemy mana may have been fully charged at the expiration of the dodging turns on her skills. :weary::weary::weary:

About your troops, I consider leveling them mana troops to 23 in order for my average heroes to cast their specials almost at the same time with my fast heroes. I see no point getting my mana troops to level 29 or 30 since my fast heroes are already fast and its not like a total of 7 tiles are what you are looking for always. Most of the time, we charge our fast heroes when matching a simple 3-tile match thrice. I do get that ghosting would improve mana generation, but us mono-users tend to ghost when we are already winning the battle most of the time.

Though most of my rainbow mana troops are already at level 25 (exception of green mana troop which is at level 17 but my green crit troop supporting my Telly as tank is at level 25). I have enough hoarded dupe and useless 3* and 4* troops to get my purple and yellow mana troops to level 27, I won’t be doing it since I find very little incentive of that mana regen gain at level 29 for fast heroes. If I wanted to have a better attack multiplier from troops for my heroes, I’d rather ascend those ninja troops, which has the best attack multiplier than any of the other troops. So far, I am missing yellow and blue ninja troops. Hoarding ETTs for the ninja troop portals just trying to get a max of 5 ninja troops per element. I don’t use gems summoning for them just to get them prized troops or for feeder purposes. Never did and never will I be. But leveling them is PITA. That’s the only time my so-called deposits in TC20 are being withdrawn.

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