Sif or Musashi (Rogue Emblem issue)

Hi everyone… I am having a bit of a problem deciding who should get my Rogue emblem.

Yellow Hero I have is as follow.

Jackal +20
Onatel +20
Rana +4
Joon +20
Gullinbursti +14

Sir Roostley at 3/70
Musashi 4/80 unemblemed
Sif 4/80 unemblemed

Now the issue is… who should I put the Rogue emblem on.

  1. My defense will not be using any of these apart from Joon

Current Defense Line-Up is:

Heimdal - Vela - Ursena - Gravemaker - Joon
All maxed at +20 emblem.

  1. I was thinking of giving the emblems to Sif previously. This would help me whenever I need to employ Purple tank during war in a combination as follows:

Sniper - Sif +20 - Kunchen or Ursena - Onatel +20 - Sniper

This seem like a good idea.

  1. However my mono Yellow offensive team suffers from the lack of Fast hero.

My current mono Yellow whenever I need to give some love to Alfrike, Kunchen or Ursena:

Rana - Jackal - Joon - Gullinbursti - Onatel

If I give all my rogue emblem to Musashi instead of Sif… I might be able to squeeze Musashi somewhere in the offense mono team. Maybe replacing Rana instead or just take out the healer that is Gullin out.

Please shoot out your recommendation. Who should I give my rogue emblem to? Musashi or Sif?

Musahi would be more flexible for you. Sif is passive, but good on defense. Both would be great and it depends on you style of play. If you like the passive ability go with Sif. Otherwise Musahi.

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