Musashi or sif

Hello all, first time poster here :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a big decision to make. I have a maxxed out sif and soon also Musashi.

I’m pondering whether I should use thief tokens on either Sif or Musashi.

I want to use the hero also in my defensive team, I guess Sif as a flank or Musashi at the side. I Have Tarlak 4/80/17 in talent grid that goes well with Musashi’s healing. And Vivica (no costume) at 4/80/18 to support Sifs defence even more (but might be contraproductive as more defence is less riposte damage?)

Probably some of you can enlighten me Thanks!

Welcome to the forum @Ouwezeeman. What is your defense currently? It is easier to give feedback on heroes when knowing what the rest of your defense looks like.

Hi Palms.

Recently I have these in my defensive team:
Vivica 4/80/18
Khagan 4/80/16
Richard 4/80/17
Sif 4/80/9
Tarlak 4/80/17

Honoroble mentions: kadillen 4/80/9, yunan 4/80/8, quintus 4/80/13, elkanen + costume 3/64

Musashi - Tarlak - Richard - Khagan - C. Elkanen

Hurry with Costume Elkanen, this your setup to go :slight_smile:

You dont need much healing (Tarlak is enough, since both wings have their own healing).
Tarlak also buffs Musashi auto attack healing.
Richard is there to do as much dmg as possible, before dies.
Khagan role is to be a flank of strong colour vs greens enemy will bring, and to buff Elkanen dmg and survivability.

I use sif with 4 talents as 2,5k tank with crigard and crigard flanks and cliana and cmagni wings. I think with more emblems she would be even better but i prefer to give them to jackal and scralett.
Sif is also better at titans and in pve, your choice

I’d suggest tanking with Yunan, put Sif next door and let the mana buff build yunan faster

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3 tonicums short for now :frowning:

Great advice. Never considered throwing vivica out of the team. I’ll deffo think about it!

Isn’t Yunan too slow/ vulnarable for red as a tank? (Def833/ 1552 lifepoints)

Not at all, one of the top green tanks…especially if you don’t have Telluria…and his revive ability at tank can cause some issues. He was the only green tank before Telluria and Heimdall came around. Embleming him even more towards tank can help too

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Besides Elkanen and Kadilen you mean?

I would suggest a rainbow defense as it makes color stacking more difficult. Purple definitely is your weak spot, but still use Quintus until you get something better. I agree with @Rosco1011 that Yunan is a top tier tank. Either use Yunan or Kadilen as your tank, maybe Elkanen+C. I’d go with Yunan, but you can test them out to see which works best for you.

Here’s an example of a decent rainbow set up for you:

Quintus - Richard - Yunan - Khagan - Viv
Quintus - Sif - Yunan - Khagan - Richard

You can play around with the arrangement of the heroes, and maybe try out Sif at tank too, as she can be decent there. If you put Sif at tank, then move quintus next to her on flank, to get the benefit of protection against purple stack.

Alright, so I’ll reorganise may defence :wink:

I also like rosco’s idea about putting c. elkanen en musashi at the sides, keep richard as a tank.

But also cerevan’s and zyzzyxroad’s advice to put yunan as a tank. I can get a few emblems out of hu tao for yunan now since I’m strong on yellow anyway. I also have Colen at 20, but then I’d be severely weakened in red, and since telluria is everywhere these days it doesn’t seem like a good move for now.

I’ll certainly will put a lot of thought in it. Loved your input, not that it made it an easier decision :wink:


For what it’s worth, I recommend running standard Elk, not his costume. The costume’s skill is highly situational and not a good fit for a defense.

Hey @Ouwezeeman, I agree with Rosco here. Yunan is a solid tank especially in the current meta.