Sif Emblem Path

Should I go mana and defense or health and attack? Note that my only 4* holy troop is crit, not mana.

Health/attack. 2% mana won’t translate into shaving tiles, and with Sif increased defense actually helps your opponent in a way (but health is still good).

Ok thanks. That is what way I am leaning.

FWIW, 2% mana + 24% mana decrease on special makes a total of 26%, which could shave a tile, so I’d go with def/mana path.

But 24% is already more than enough to shave one tile, and 26% isn’t enough to shave two, so the extra 2% doesn’t help you cross any threshold right?

That’s my understanding at least, I’m not as good with this stuff as some on the forum are.

I think the extra 2% would cross another tile threshhold (which probably is why it’s there). What I read is that for an Average speed hero, like Sif, you shave off one tile at 12% and a second tile at 25%. So the extra 2% gets you from 24% to 26%, which could shave off another tile while Sif’s special is active.


Chart by @flyingsolow

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I am going Def > HP > Atk path, and Mana node, just because then you need only a Lv17 mana troop I think to bring Sif down to 9 tiles, which is a huge difference.

I’m going to go mana path too, have a lvl 17, who knows how long it will be before gets to lvl 23, huge difference 9 tiles vs 10.

This concerns me. I am thinking about an S-pattern, starting on the attack/health side.

This is exactly right.

Once Sif has fired the 2% + 24% = 2 tiles (from 10 tiles to 8).

I would still go for extra mana on the assumption that I would eventually have mana troops.

When trying to charge Sif from zero you need 10 tiles, to get her to functionally fast (9 tiles) you need +12% mana boost.
Level 23 mana troops give you that (+13%)
Mana node of +2% and Level 17 mana troops (+11%).

The gap in time and resources to go from level 17 to level 23 is huge AND becausehaving a hero go from Average to Functionally Fast makes a massive difference, especially in raids/war/tournaments (ie PvP arenas), I believe the mana node is worth the sacrifice.

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