Thor Emblem Path

For those who are enjoying Thor how did you decide to emblem him? Looking at attack path vs defense path it looks like (if I did my math right) that ATK path would net 853 atk and 829 def. Going defense path would net 808 atk and 883 def. sooo is it better to ensure survivability or hit harder? I’m leaning ATK path cause 829 def will still make him harder to take down. But there is only about 30 points difference between two stats that way. Going def really throws a lot into his def making it about 80 points difference between 2 stats. Almost 900 def isn’t too shabby.

Also… crit or mana at 19? I can almost always get him to go off 2-4 times in a match so crit seems better overall. But would it be better to up his mana speed to try and get him to that third level a little faster and more often?

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I’m almost maxed on him. but I’m planning on Attack>Defense>Health and probably stop at 18, since I’ll be using a mana troop the crit chance benefit of the emblems is not worth the emblems IMO


Yeah I can see what you mean about not going all the way to 19. that 2% on mana or crit doesn’t seem like much. But when you hit emblem 20 there is a big ATK node to bump his stat up. And I hate to give that up cause it’s like 30 more attack.

Balancing between the atk def and health makes sense especially since his stats are already pretty evenly distributed.

I went all attack and mana node. With over 800 def and 1500 hp he belongs to a sturdy division. Additionally, he revives. Mana node and you can use on him only 5 level mana troop, then give your higher troop to somebody who needs higher mana troop :stuck_out_tongue: So for me, attack all the way for him is a no-brainer.

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Attack + Jackall all-attack - may one-shot 5*.

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That’s a great point. I’m constantly trying to shuffle who gets the faster mana troop!

Jackal is a great pairing for him. I would also add Sif as another compliment there. They get the realm bonus. And her mana buff and 50% dmg reduction help him fire faster and keep him alive through heavy hits from snipers. At +3 my Thor has stayed alive a lot longer as a result when going up against defenses with +20 emblems on the heroes.

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