New player, not sure what to summon next

Hello =)

I’m a new player, started the game about 2 weeks ago and f2p.
I got lucky on my gem/elemental summons, and found a 4 star hero everytime I used it, so here’s my current heroes: (if i managed to upload it correctly :stuck_out_tongue: )

I really liked having a healer, and I can’t do alot in the halloween event or provinces 15 + without one (mostly farming in 8 and 12 anyways so it’s just a bit boring I can’t get the avatar from normal event), so I’m thinking I should try to get one next (Sharan dies really fast for me). What color should I go for? I read that skittle is really bad, so maybe green?

Karil, Graymane, or should I try to get a blue healer?
Also wondering when Li will be better than Bane (I just got her so she is still tiny).

My stronghold is being upgraded to 12 now, but my training camp is only 9 so will be ages until I can get to 13 and start the training. I’m always out of food, my farms are all 9/10/11.

Any advice is much appreciated =)

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I’d pull Dark (purple) next. There are two solid 4* dark healers, Rigard and Sabina, and Tibertus would be a great addition, too.


Hi Kerridoc and thanks for your reply =)

So if i get a dark healer, should I go with Li, Skittle, Colen and Graymane (or swap in Karil when he is maxed)?

I heard Balthazar is quite good so I was thinking a green or blue healer, but maybe theyre worse/hard to get?

Skittle is still a 4*. Good place holder until you get tc13 up and running.

If you have to summon, hold it for an event (like guardians) and just take what 4* it gives you. :slight_smile:

Play your best heroes and don’t worry about the colors. You’ll taste the rainbow soon enough.

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You are much more lucky than I am with your Gem summon than I was when I first started (I play for free too).

@Kerridoc brings up good point regarding the 2 4* Dark Healers being a focus on the Elemental Summons (I didn’t get either of them until much later), and by then the pressing need for them have already dwindled some.

Sha Ji would be your current best healer for the moment so would place more focus on him over Sharan for the time being. Don’t overlook your free Daily Summons (especially if you are F2P), even though the percentage is low, if you manage to get Hawkmoon (3* Red Healer) or Belith (3* Healer + Dispeller), either of them will be better until you get better healers like he above.

Although Bane and Li Xiu are both yellow heroes and maxed stats will be in favor of Li Xiu due to her tier, they serve different purposes. Bane has fast charge on his specials and is single target and can make opponents miss (which is more helpful if you have single target opponents like single bosses or Titans that you need to focus fire on), Li Xiu is more about crowd mana control on Average mana charge. It will not take as long to max out Bane as you would on Li Xiu (you will need lots of resources and non-farmable ascension materials to max her out), but I wouldn’t totally ignore Bane until you get much better heroes down the road.

I’m mostly worried about not having a healer, I’m guessing I really need one for event quests, provinces and the season 2 stuff. In the events, isnt the chance for a 5 star much lower than elemental summons?

I’m really happy with them, I got Li from gems today, and balthazar from the daily free summon =) I got a Sha Ji, not leveld but that shouldnt take to long (just feels really boring to use food on him when I have 3 & 4 * waiting!). My Bane is already maxed out, so guessing he will be on the “main team” for a while.
I got materials to ascend both Colen and Skittle, just lack alot of food :blush:

Any opinions on the 2 blues graymane and karil?

Thanks alot for all your replies =)

Good advice in this thread. Sha Ji is best bet while you wait. TC12 does guarentee Rare/3* heroes but TC13 is definitely most worth the resources and research costs between the two of them.

Dark is often considered the best elemental summon if you’re trying to get a great healer because there are two great normal 4* dark healers; Rigard and Sabina.

Personally, I think the fire summons and nature summons are equally reliable for getting a decent healer.

If the fire elemental summons decides you’re getting a epic, you have a chance at getting Boldtusk. If the fire elemental summons decides you’re getting a rare (which is most likely) you has a chance at Hawkmoon. For the nature summons, you have a chance at Melendor and Belith. (Edit: technically you can count friar tuck and Kashhrek but I tend not to since they only heal 3 members of the team)

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Judging by your roster you must be a lot more than two weeks old in the game. Over a month I would say. There is no way Bane and Graymane could get to 3/50 in two weeks. Also Skittle, Colen and Li, being f2p in two weeks? That is 900 gems… hard to believe… Anyway, bring the 4* up asap. Any 4* is better than a 3*.

==Elemental summons==

I agree with Elemental Dark summons.

Rigard is an incredibly good healer ( 42% all allies ), the only 4* with cleanse ( remove status ailments ).

Sabina is useful against all but purple, very good heal ( 42% heal all allies ), with a very high attack stat for matching/ board/ physical damage, and remove enemy buffs. She is a green clone of 4* Melendor.

Tiburtus is useful against all but purple, has one of the best 4* abilities in the game ( ramming pulverizer ).

==Generic team advice==

Some heroes are good, some suck, but most are okay.

I recommend all players build up a rainbow team of 3 star, tier 3, level 50 heroes ( 3* 3.50 ) and a rainbow team of 4 star tier 3 level 60 heroes ( 4* 3.60 ).

Rainbow teams are the most versatile in the game.

Rainbow 3* team can be gotten fairly easily in the game.

Training camp level 20 lets you get a 4* hero every 10 days.

4* 3.60 heroes are the most powerful heroes using only farmable ascension materials.

Some heroes are good, some suck, but most are okay.

Since your rainbow 3* 3.50 team and rainbow 4* 3.60 only used farmable ascension materials, you can save your 3*/ 4* non-farmable ascesion materials for good 4*/ 5* heroes.

Even if your first two teams suck, Grave damage ( see notes ) is using a weaker 3* hero to boost the damage of your 4* team to help you get 3* ascension items during Rare quests.

You can level TWO rainbow teams of 4* 3.60 heroes for the same XP as one rainbow team of 4* 4.70.


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I think it’s been 15 days now, I joined an alliance 10 days ago today, and I had played 3-5 days before that. The first 4*, Skittle I got on day 2 i think, from one of those epic summon coins (not sure about the name but it’s not like the one that gives you one extra free daily summon). I got alot of gems in the start from missions (leveling up buildings and looting food and things like that), so I summoned Colen. The war ended/got canceled, and I got another 75 gems in the mail, so I had enough for summoning today and got Li. =)

Spent all my food on lvling up Graymane (free summon), Bane(think I got him early for free as well), Sharan, Skittle and Layla. They were my only heroes for atleast 9-10 of those days. If there’s somewhere in game I can check for the date I started I’m happy to do so =)

Gryphon thanks for your detailed reply =) I’ll wait for dark summon and hope for a healer next. Think I’ll just farm and lvl Balthazar/Colen/Li meanwhile as I don’t need a healer for prov 12 where the materials are or the titans we fight (lvl 2-3). I’ll also read all your notes :smile:

Will focus on: Balthazar, Bane, Skittle, Graymane, Colen (farm/titan team for now, with some swaps depending on color)
When theyre maxed out (or well 3 on the 4* as I dont think I can get the last materials), i’ll lvl up Li. If no amazing healer appears by then I’ll lvl up Karil, Nashgar and the lvl 2 yellow healer and start whining :thinking:


You must be the luckiest girl alive… Three 4* in two weeks of gameplay… I think it took me about two month to get the first 4*, being f2p. Epic summon tokens only brought me 3* heroes so far and I’ve been playing for about five month… No luck with gem pulls also… All my 4* came from TC 13. I still have a hard time believing that you maxed Gray and Bane in two weeks… Well… it must be so if you say it. Keep this pace up and you will get far! Got a place in my alliance for you if you ever need it.


The chances for 5* summon increase in both event summons & elemental summons. Healers are in both of these, and you can’t target a specific type of hero (unfortunately) so it is all a crap-shoot. Unequivocally, the “Guardians” event is the highest-value event to draw from.

In my opinion, Karil is better than Graymane, and @Anchor’s guide rates all 3* heroes.

Don’t raise the level of any more 2 or 1*. This game is all about patience. :slight_smile:

If you have more questions, you can reach me via the Line app, my username is DeejayQuixo and I will happily help you as needed.

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Most important thing OP needs is a reminder this game is a grind. Rushing to play in evsnts or even getting to S2 should be put on a back burner.

You need to try blue or purple for healers.

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Next most important reminder… Never get rid of your first Bane :smile: Many have fed their first Bane away (me included) and wished later they hadn’t (again, me included). You’ll find him useful for events, wars, etc.


If you joined an alliance early, it will tell you how long you have been a team member.

Thanks =) It says 14 days now, think I played 3-5 days before I found out about alliances.

I managed to complete the halloween event on normal, had to use some healing potions and those green ones. Who needs a healer! :stuck_out_tongue: With the epic troop token i got a blue with + healing, so Graymane got happy.

Here’s the team today:

Purple summon is up for me right now, but I dont have enough gems so guess I’ll just farm 9.1 (or should I farm something else? I did a bit of 12.1 and the last one in 12, but that takes 4 flags so I stopped when I got enough items for colen and skittle to get to 3) and try to lvl up Colen some more and ascend skittle.

Thanks for the tip =) Should I keep atleast 1 of all 3* and more of the good ones if I get them? (I got 2x Nashgar, and he seems pretty nice as well).

I almost started lvling the yellow 2* healer, but decided to try to finish the halloween event without. When I get enough 3* for war I guess I can eat sharan and layla? I’ll swap Karil in when he grows up, but it’s slow atm - never enough food :frowning:

I don’t know what Line is but I appreciate all the help =)

This really depends on if you want to play in wars and do events. 3s are needed for the lower level events. It’s always good to keep a good team of 3s for that. And a few extras as many events reflect a certain color so you’ll want to double or triple up on one that isn’t reflected.

For Wars, 3s are an easy way to get 6 teams. Fully leveled 3s can be quite effective. They are also easier and cheaper (material-wise) to level than their bigger brothers and sisters. :smile:

This is really a judgement call for you.

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Good to know, I’m doing the wars (only twice so far, first time it went horrible but today I could take down 3 teams - felt bad for them cause they got way worse teams… ) I also want to do all the events, so there are events that prevent you from using 4-5* heroes? :o Hopefully I can complete halloween, advanced next year :smiley:

Line ia a messaging app. Many here use it for staying in touch with their alliance. Some alliances use the discord messaging app.

Thank you, heard about discord (but didnt know people used it on their phones!).

Also another thing, it seems that my 4* heroes get their special skill leveled up really fast, while the 3* heroes are really unlucky. I understand that you get more time to do it on with the 4* but for example Li is already 4/8, and not ascended once (she is lvl 36 now), and graymane is 5/8 fully ascended… I always try to feed them 10 of the same color, but sometimes 7-8 same color and a few greens (get those all the time!).

Do you keep feeding them when you have spare food, or wait for duplicates or just leave it like it is?