Question - To Summon or Not to Summon

Hi all, and thanks for all the support and advice you provide.

I’ve been a free-to-play/2 builder player for a while now and I’m about a week away from my first TC20. I have 2600 gems and was going to do an elemental summon with them, but got really lucky with a free Atlantis pull and got a 4* and 5* characters, and now I’m unsure what would be best.

My 4* and 5* characters are as follows:

Yellow - Chao & 2x Wu Kong
Purple - Cyprian, Kunchen
Red - Wilbur, Colen, Kelile
Green - Melandor, Little John, Caedmon
Blue - Sonia, Boril

Should I:
a) Elemental Summon - Blue or Purple
b) Save for an event summons
c) Wait for my TC20 and do something else?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Event or S2 is best choice.
Don’t use your gems for normal/elemental summon, they will come from TC


I agree with Radar, wait for event or season 2 summon.

Thanks very much.

I hadn’t realised that there were different summons in S2. I’ve been on the last Province of S1 for a couple of months, but I’ve spent all my time farming and levelling up as it was way too tough when I got there.

I guess I should give it another go! Thanks again.

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