Should I emblem Elkanen?1

Hey all,

We’re going green tanks with blue/red flanks in the alliance wars. My tank choices are Lianna+20, Kadilen +0 and Elkanen+0.
I don’t want to use Kadilen because I think she hits like a wet noodle and I am going to use the druid emblems for Guardian Gazelle.
I have never been a fan of Elkanen, but he has tanky stats and the only other 5* cleric I have is Vivica. I can bring him to +14 (used the other cleric emblems for a C. Rigard+20).
So the questions are:
Is Elkanen worth the emblems for war defence? Should I give them to Vivica instead, a second C. Rigard or wait for something better?
Is an Elkanen with Emblems better than a Lianna+20?

Other 5* heroes(no emblems unless mentioned):
Red: Elena, Vanda (4-72 and after 4-80 1400 emblems to spend), Marjana+18
Blue: Aegir+19, Magni+17, Isarnia (could emblem)
Purple: Sartana+13(could emblem more), Zulag
Yellow: Joon+19, Vivica, Guardian Gazelle (4-17 and after 4-80 1400 emblems to spend)

Right now I use Sartana-Magni-Lianna-Marjana-Joon unless Rush attack, then I switch Magni and Marjana for Isarnia and Elena.

I appreciate your thoughts

Elkanen is probably better than Lianna at tank once emblemed, but not by enough to make him a great choice to emblem. If you use him on offense due to lack of other green options and have an Evelyn or Almur he’s useable when emblemed for atk

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So what would you do with the emblems? No Almur, no Evelyn :wink:

I think Elk is underrated and makes a good tank especially if you have his costume. I have 6 emblems on him

Cleric Elkanen tank with G. Gazelle as left flank can work, other than them 3 snipers.

Put them on a cleric? Elkanon isn’t a sorcerer.

You misunderstand the question. My question refered to one of the questions in the openingpost and the advice someone gave me regarding Evelyn and Almur.
Thank you for contributing though :slightly_smiling_face:

Since emblemming cost has been greatly reduced, you won’t lose that much even if you pull another Cleric soon.

If your alliance runs green tanks for wars, it is crucial to have a solid emblemmed tank and Lianna isn’t one.

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Kadilens costume is possibly the best green tank in the game, shes a nightmare if you get that. Elkanen at any medium to high level doesn’t cut it at tank, I would stick with lianna. Also, gazelle isn’t suitable for defence, I had her at +19 emblems, but haven’t noticed and real difference since stripping her and using the emblems on freya instead.

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