Shoul i keep duplicates?

Been playing since March 3.
I’m in a strange place,i have more 4* than 3*.
My levei 23
Sh 13, tc 4,11,12(as of this morning).
Storage at 12 for all.
My duplicates are:
Li xiu (1@ 3/12)
Kailani (both@ 1/1)
Bane (1@3/35)
G jackal (@ 1/1 both)
In yellow i also have wu kong,hu tao.
Red bolbdtusk, gormek
Bleu sonya,boril
Purple sabina,tiburtus
Green skittle,caemon.
Some i have started some not so much.
I hope to take most to 3/60n eventually .
Some of the three"sare maxed,the other close.
My goals right now are
Doing season 1& 2, titans and wars just because. Raids are maybe a few months down the line.
Any input will be appreciated.
Thank you all.

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Only gJack and Boldie are worth a dupe.

I just keep duplicates of key heroes like healers, cleansers, heavy buffers, mana blockers and of my 5*s.

I wouldn’t keep any rare dupes as well.

But that will all depend on your complete bench.

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Depending on the rest of your roster I would give strong consideration to both Sonya and Caedmon - additional dispellers are frequently needed in war. I’d also consider Boril for war depth, as riposters can often heavily damage / knock out massive AoE teams well above their grade.


Thank you
Here my 3"
Blue karil, gunnar both@ 3/8-9
Purple balthazar max,tyrum 3/40
Green carver max, belith1/1,fr. Tuck3/1,berden 2/1,
Red azar max, hawkmoon 3/40
Yellow bane,kailani,
Also 4" yellow chao 1/1
Still using layla +14 and sha gi +2

Yellow: G.Jackal, Bane, Wu Kong (unless you have Tarlak)
Red: Boldtusk
Blue: …
Purple: …
Green: …

and increase max hero capasity.

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Thank you,
No tarllak.
I have 70 heroes cap. Right now.
When i get more heroes i’ ll keep increasing the cap.
For blue i do have frida @ 2/1 ,take a lot to feed her, and i don’t have the mats yet to take her past 3.

Imho you should stop leveling the 3s. 4s are way stronger. With your 3s at current levels, I am sure you can farm/fight well enough to continue growing your base while you start growing your 4s.

If you are making up your six war teams I would keep duplicates of Boldtusk, Wu Kong, Tiburtus, Caedmon, guardian Jackal … and Boril also comes in handy for defence.