Should I keep 2 Wu?

I just pulled a second Wu and was wondering if it is worth having 2 or using the second as a feeder. As I’ve said in previous posts, I already have a Ranvir and my holy consists of 4/70 Li Xiu, 3/70 Ranvir, 3/60 Li Xiu + Chao. I know it’s not super deep, but didn’t know if it was worth keeping the duplicate or not.

Definitely not. Second one is completely useless.


I would, personally, but I’m biased (I like Wu and I would put him on every one of my war teams if I could). It depends on your own strategies. 1 Wu for titans is always helpful, though Ranvir, Miki, and Tarlak are also very good substitutes (each probably better than Wu, but Wu is more common and easier to get). If you already feel good about your bench depth and you don’t want to mess around with Wu’s randomness in wars, you probably don’t need more than 1. I just like him because sometimes he gives me the power to take out teams that I otherwise wouldn’t stand a chance against, so I would keep up to 6 of them. But that’s just personal preference on my part. Not saying it’s a recommended surefire strategy or anything (there is nothing surefire about Wu).


Thank you for the insight. While I would like to have something like that, as a F2P player, resources and feeders trickle in slowly, which makes leveling extremely slow. My first Wu is still 1/1 just because of my backlog of heroes ahead of him. I’m in the process of finishing Rigard to 4/70, then I’m going to start in on Isarnia (just got her last night). So it would probably be a few weeks at the minimum before I could even touch him.

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Whenever I’m in doubt whether or not I should keep a duplicate, I just hold onto them and don’t touch them. You might end up wanting to keep more than one, or he might just become food later on if you pull better heroes. As long as you have enough extra spaces in your hero roster, there’s no harm in holding onto him for now and deciding what to do with him later. :man_shrugging:

I’ve got a few duplicate 4* heroes that I’m holding onto until I pull other heroes to replace them with.

If I have space, I am keeping all 4/5* duplicates: Hero Academy is coming and no one yet knows what it does. I would feel pretty silly eating my spares if I learn later that they are actually useful. :wink:

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How do you manage to do that space wise?
Virtual impossible to keep adding 4 and 5 hero’s without running out of space (C2P here and I do not know how to do this, so an honoust question)

I am a long way away from the hero academy. I can’t even upgrade my SH to 22 right now because of storage issues. Even if SH 25 (I’m assuming that’s when hero academy will be released) were available, I would still be several months away from building it.

I’m C2P also (though maybe I spent more than you, there are different levels of “cheapness”) :grin:

I actually did buy a couple of the hero slot expansions, those plus my current level of 36, I’m able to hold 85 total heroes. I’m currently holding on to 57 heroes (mix of 3*, 4* and a few 5*).

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I’m level 40 with 2 expansion slots purchased, bringing mine up to 84. Currently have a 70 hero bench. Probably could afford to get rid of several 3* at this point.

Edit: purchased slots (100 gems total used)

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Hmm… if you can only hold 84 at level 40 and you bought 2 expansions, I guess that means I actually purchased 3 expansions. I couldn’t remember exactly, it was several months ago when I did it.

EDIT: 100 gems is a good price for 2 expansions. That is one of the purchases in this game that is worth the money (or even no money, a regularly playing F2P can save up 100 gems in a couple of weeks or so)

I’d hang onto the duplicate Wu, even if you don’t plan to max him right now. Depending on your situation, he can have value in war if you level him later. I sometimes try to make a late war hit with Wu where I am giving up 500-800 points of team power. Granted, team power doesn’t indicate who the favorite is, but it’s the best proxy we have - the point is, when I’m a dog and it’s time to gamble, Wu sometimes tips the fight to a win. When he doesn’t, I don’t find the result is so much worse than it probably would have been anyway (that is, I still tend to break the tank and make a viable clean up for someone else).

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I purchased several. I’m currently at 117 slots.

And I have 2 Wu’s, 2 LiXiu’s and a bunch of other duplicates. :wink:

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I added 75 slots and I feel like I’m tight on space at 157.


Personally I would keep at least 2 duplicates of each 4* and 5* hero. Possibly more with Wu Kong if you like to play him in a lot of war teams. Good luck

I have 2 Wu, one maxed and one at 1-1. I also have 3 LJ and 4 Skittleskull just 'cos.

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IMO, some heroes are useful to have multiples of. One reason could be if you want to use them more than once in a war, as you do have 6 war flags.

If Wu is a hero you like attacking with, you might want to have the ability to do so more than just a single time in a war.

On another note: it sounds like you are leveling heroes one at a time? If so, are you aware that there is a 20% bonus when you level with a feeder hero of the same colour? A 1* yellow adds 180 points to level up Wu, whereas a 1* of any of the other four colours only adds 150 points.

I always level all five colours simultaneously and I always only feed the matching colour to the hero. It takes longer per hero, but overall, you gain the 20% efficiency bonus. If you aren’t doing this now, you might want to give it some consideration.

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I was going to point this out as well… but I assumed the OP was already aware of this, and just wanted to power level 1 hero at a time. That’s how many people do it, I prefer gradually leveling one of each color. But that’s a much slower process and some people just want to finish their fancy new hero NOW!

Yeah, I just level 1 hero at a time. I’ve known about the bonus for most of my time playing and I used to only do that, but I was never getting 10 feeders of the same color. I always want to utilize the max feeders in an attempt to level the special skill as well. It has been working out pretty well that I don’t have to waste feeders at max level because their special is already maxed.

I would level Wu before Isarnia. Not that they compete, necessarily, but ONE Wu will revolutionize your game. Especially as F2P.