Share your leveling secrets

i feel like there has to be some secret way some of you guys do it…saw a guy with jean francois yesterday that was already maxed out…

I had someone tell me a while back on a different HOTM they must have had the hero in beta and brought him over…i dont know how beta works so maybe thats a possibility…

My current set up that i use is alternating either all four TC’s running TC 2 so that i get 8 heroes an hour or if i have a decent amount of swords ill run three TC2’s and a TC3 (i think thats the fast common hero one) to get some more heroes faster.

I pretty much farm 5-8 exclusively or 8-7 if i need recruits

When atlantis rises comes around i farm S2 6-9 exclusively

I dont really go out of my way to save up 10 heroes of like color because ive never had a problem with maxing a special.

Anything that im missing feel free to clue me in on so i can share with my alliance

It’s not.

Beta accounts have absolutely no connection or transferability to the live game.

Just want to nip that in that bud before anyone speculates on that further, since it’s wildly innacurate.


Does that answer your question? Are more words required? I hope not: I have a tradition of drinking heavily on Sunday afternoons.


Was mentioned in jean f thread too

May end up havin to make it a bit more obvious to new forumers


3 camps at TC11 as Brobb (1000ish in each) and then about ten days worth in TC2.

If I was waiting desperately for a particular HOTM, I’d probably just “not collect” from one or two of those TC11 for a few weeks and let them store up in there.

In reality, I don’t pull until I get a particular hero and I’ve got more than enough interesting stuff to work with already… So I draw them off immediately and invest them :slight_smile:




Here in community have plenty advice for TC strategy… the big point in short is: TC11 for stocking recruits and TC20 or TC13 is for stocking food (later maybe will have more easy with stocking food bundle from path of valor reward).


I understand i sound ridiculous asking questions youve guys known the answers to for a long time, but you only learn what you learn when you learn it so if someone would elaborate i would appreciate it. Ive seen this about using TCs as a food bank but ive never done it…so once you guys max out food instead of sitting on it youre training in one of TC20 or 13 and if you need the food youre subtracting a training or two to get the resources back?

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Now i have 100+ days in TC20
When ever i need food fast i just remove few days worth of training and i get back my food and recruits
I add all the recruits into TC11 till i reach the amount of food i need


Awesome. Thanks for the clarification


This is one of my TC20s - 465 trainings adds up to about 140m food. If I come upon a new 5* hero, I draw heroes from TC11 posted above (I have a couple of TC11s, so about 5000 heroes ready to go) and fund the expense of using them as feeders by cancelling TC20 trainings (and transferring the recruits to TC11s). The only limit on how fast I can ascend a hero is how fast I can tap the screen.

(That’s a genuine limit, btw. It’s a slow, annoying process that I wish could be automated. I’ve previously fully levelled a new 5* hero in about 3 hours, but it was totally soul destroying.)


Well sign me up for that punishment lol…itll take me a while to get there but ive got my end game plan set forward anyway

There are some good videos from very good players that explain how to do it:

(tldr: it’s all about preparation and resource management)

from Zero (lots of details):

from NittanyLionRoar (explaining the process):

from NittanyLionRoar (sped-up process):

from NittanyLionRoar (the complete process):


But I heard that’s what the maintenance break was for… :upside_down_face:

So idk if my game has a bug or ive ran into an issue that everyone knows how to work around…

During atlantis rises ive run into a log jam…ive been feeding my TC11s…ive got ruffly 200 training in each so around 400k food “banked” i have less than 10k food so i cant train anything of note really…and my recruits are full. So when i subtract a training it doesnt give me the recruits because obviously its full, but i dont get the food either…so i cant train because i have no food and i cant subtract because my recruits are full…should it be giving me the food? If not was there a tactical error i made along the path that i could have avoided this situation? Or is it just a normal issue everyone deals with…its not a huge deal i guess but it definitely takes some luster off the TC bank strategy i thought was so cut and dry

Unfortunately not a bug…

The way that “untraining” works is you have to have space for ALL of BOTH resources (food & recruits) in order to get the stuff back.

Best thing to do is to pause & collect food from your farms… Then when you got enough food from the farms, reduce your recruits into the TC11. Then fill your food back up by retriving from your "food bank (TC20 I assume).


Well i guess its good i dont have a bug issue…ive got too much time and money invested to be worrying about that…but anyway thanks for the advice


No worries :slight_smile:

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