Shadereave vs Colen

Greetings. I am interested in peoples’ opinions regarding Shadereave vs Colen. Both heroes are maxed and I’m looking to spend some emblems since I have quite a few fighter emblems to spend. Mostly I would use these heroes for 4* tournaments, probably rush tournament. Might also use for various quests. Not likely to use for war unless it’s rush attack. Thanks for your thoughts.

I think Colen is more realible, but after Boldtusk. Too valuable fighter healer.


IMO - Definitely Shadereave for VF 4* use only. But emblems on Colin probably makes him more overall useful.

I used my Shadereave against green titans and in my 2nd red team in VF wars tournaments.

I won a war hit against a team 600 ish TP better than mine because they turned my whole team into Draugr and I was able to finish the last 2 off :joy:

Was very funny

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This was my 2nd team. I use Sumle instead of Colen too. If you don’t have a Sumle then Colen does the same sort of job…he’s just a lot weaker but more reliable. I prefer the nuclear yet sometimes annoying route of Sumle. With Shadereave for the chance to go big on the Critical damage from the tiles and the extra survivability from the 2nd Draugr lives as I’m often throwing this against heavily emblemed 5* teams.

It very nearly beat a 4500 Heimdall tank team in the very last Rush war…(my only lose from the Rush pass…).

So it’s got a lot of teeth

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I have colen +10 and shadereave+1. Based on my personal experience, i won more match In wars or tournaments when i bring Shadereave. Colen can be dangerous with his special, but Shadereave’s buff all attack including normal tiles, so with the right team mates, he is more dangerous than colen. His ressurection sometimes help in the latter stage of the game, giving you a lifeline to do your final attack. The draughrs are weak tho, so you only have 1 or 2 turns to kill your enemy

On the defense, colen is still better tho.

I use colen more than shadereave.
I may use shad on my second red war team if vfw but id rather take a BT instead.

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