Shadereave vs Boldtusk tile damage boost?

So BT has 18% higher attack boost, but Shadereave has that 30% Crit chance. Which one will add more to tile damage on a mono team?

Attack boost apply normal attack (tiles damage) and special direct damage. And 100% always applied.
Critical only apply normal attack (tiles damage). And applied based on chance.
Shadereave is slow.
BT is avarage and with Costume he is good with 9 tiles use lvl 5 mana troop, or lvl 1 with Mana node.

I’m only interested to know which one boost’s tile damage more, the mana speed doesn’t matter.

Yes, it is a question for titans. Is Shadereave can replace BT on titans as buffer?

For epic events
20 characters

Boldtusk +48% attack, so 10 tiles hit like 14.8tiles
Shadereave +30% attack +30%crit chace, so 7 tiles on ten hit a +30% and the remaining 3 hit as +30% and doubled by crtical hit, that should mean (71.3)+(31.3*2) = 16.9tiles

I’ve Elena, BK, Ares but vs titan i keep taking only 4 stars :sweat_smile:

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