Easy way to appreciate tile damage

Hi all
How do you see or appreciate tile damage? Not necessarily the exact numbers but to get a rough understanding, e.g which hero to choose for fighting Titan with respect to tile damage.

You see often ppl saying hero X has great tile damage.

Happy gaming!

Tile damage comes from same colored heroes’ attack score and target’s defense.

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Well the higher the attack stat the higher the tile damage. So often times when a hero has a bad special, but high attack stat, you’ll hear people say at least they have great tile damage.

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So basically to choose between my heroes, I only look at Attack numbers? (Considering both have same speed and trupp)

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Thank you, now I get it.

Yes, but it’s to take into account even effects who increase/decrease said values.
For example, Boldtusk buff would increase your X tile damage as long as his buff is active on X colored heroes.

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