Seven Titans Departed - 2 spots

We’re looking for 2 active and social players that:

  1. Are level 20 or higher, with teams 2800 or
    more. Any less, and our titans are going to smash you.
  2. Hit titans daily. We’re hovering at 7* in our current cycle, with the occasional 8*.
  3. Participate in wars when asked. Depending on the new matchup system, this may change. We’re reasonable, not
  4. Maintain fun in our chat rooms, and let us know if you step away for a day.
  5. Join our Line group for tips and strategy.
  6. Are fine with f2p, instead of chasing p2w progress. Slow and steady is just dandy by us.

Our sister alliance is Seven Dead Titans, which accepts beginners as able. If English isn’t your strong suit, still check us out. Our players hail from around the globe. We’d love to add to that, if you’re interested.

I’m interested in joining. L27 with one primary team at 3470. Secondary team in training :slight_smile:

I participate in all titan battles and alliance wars.

Bump - we had two players retire, now open 2 spots for active players. Come join the fun, and hit today’s Rare titan with us :slight_smile:

Up for a alliance change

3563 team at the moment (evolving Azlam)

Average War score - 400+

Average Titan attack - 25k +

Highest Titan Damage - 71k

Let me know if you want my team and how to join

Hey Saraivix :smile: We’d love to have you aboard. Search for Seven Titans Departed in alliances, and ask to join. We’ll accept as soon as someone sees it, and get you going in our chats :slight_smile:

If no one responds, it’s just a fluke of timing. You can also find me on Line via lumi_elf :slight_smile:

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