7 Titans - All Branches

If you enjoy playing the game, and are looking for a mix of casual to free players, come visit or join our family today. We provide:

  • Matching of team strength and skills to titans and war.
  • A focus on ascension materials and long-term roster growth.
  • Supportive teammates and an understanding that real life happens.

Search for 7 Titans to see all of our branches:

  • East - Levels 10-25, with 4-5* titans, an introduction to war, and emphasis on gaining your first 4* teams.
  • West - Levels 25-35, with 6-7* titans, a focus on team strategies in war, and creating dynamic rosters.
  • North - Levels 35+, with 8-9* titans, Saturday wars only, saving battle items for event challenges, and maxing your base buildings and 4-5* heroes.

Join us in the game, or visit us on Discord: discord.gg/g89XWHR

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