7 Titans - All Branches

If you enjoy playing the game, and are looking for a mix of casual to free players, come visit or join our family today. We provide:

  • Matching of team strength and skills to titans and war.
  • A focus on ascension materials and long-term roster growth.
  • Supportive teammates and an understanding that real life happens.

Search for 7 Titans to see all of our branches:

  • East - Levels 10-25, with 4-5* titans, an introduction to war, and emphasis on gaining your first 4* teams.
  • West - Levels 25-35, with 6-7* titans, a focus on team strategies in war, and creating dynamic rosters.
  • North - Levels 35+, with 8-9* titans, Saturday wars only, saving battle items for event challenges, and maxing your base buildings and 4-5* heroes.

Join us in the game, or visit us on Discord: discord.gg/g89XWHR

7 TITANS Meta Alliance is looking for serious minded players who also like to put fun first. We are a Multi-National- Family with 5 Branches for all E&P Junkies. Check our amazing Discord Server. Come in and Join.
Discord is a requirement. https://discord.gg/CN8KShF
Or Contact me in LINE. ID: handstreich

Our belief is that life comes first, E&P is a game, let’s enjoy it as so.
Hope to see some new members from here.

We are looking for a active small group to Join our Family.
Line ID: handstreich
Discord: https://discord.gg/CN8KShF

Join and have Fun

I do not recommend this alliance. There are a few good resources, but it is not worth putting up with their arrogance and “in crowd”/out crowd treatment of play when you are part of if. You feel like a shop worker making sure you get your hits in, brought up every single time someone new doesn’t, but the old crowd has much more slack play.

Dude, you were removed from the alliance because you broke our code of conduct. It had nothing to do with your ability to play the game. We’ve asked much harder and consistent hitters to find greener pastures when they’ve done the same. How you treat others in the game is held much higher to us than any performance you might have. After all, it’s just a game - but there are people behind every screen :wink: . You chose that path. The rest of your post is “alternative facts” that don’t remotey exist.

If you’d like to continue the conversation on Discord, you’re more than welcome to. We have over 110 players amongst our branches, each of whom knows they can chat with me privately about any grievances or concerns. Hell, I chat with members of other alliances if they need guidance :laughing:. We even train other alliances when they ask us on our public channels. I know it shoots down your “in crowd” claim and all, but… sometimes it isn’t the other 100 people in the room. This time, it was just you :slight_smile: .

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Do you guys have room in one of your branches for a new player? My highest Tp is 4100. I usually stay in platinum arena to try to grow. I am trying to get to having 6 teams for war and stronger titan teams. Hoping to at least land in a spot that kills 6*+ titans daily so I can max POV. Would be interested if you have an opening. Line ID is gronk87rdp.

We definitely do :slight_smile:. I’m thinking our Northeast or West branch, but it depends on your thoughts on war activity (each branch focuses on different parts of the game). I’ll reach out on Line shortly.

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Closed per request of OP via PM

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