Help in war teams need 6

I need to set up teams for wars any help would be great thank you

There is no reason for building war teams in advance. You need to see enemies’s defense teams to pick your offense lineup.


In your position, I suggest build 3x 3* each colors.
And as much as you can for 4*/5* (for me, 18 heroes per colors, see below).

My project plan for war are having each color 3x per 1 flag war, so that I can 3x color strong VS tank color.
So,… that means:
3 heroes x 6 flag = 18 heroes per color.
18 heroes x 5 colors = 90 heroes (combined 4* and 5*).

Tbh I’d probably plan on making two decent attacks using your most developed cards.

Then run the other 4 flags with mono of what you have left… It’ll give you mixed results, but when it works you’ll be making a difference.

Going forward… Develop your 4* main team as far as you can, then develop a 3* team or two whilst waiting for your gloves/compasses.

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