Sartana or seshat

Hi guys and girls…I have a dilemma…Sartana or seshat;;which one to level up first;

Seshat, she deals a little less damage but her effects are way more useful than it.


Always Seshat. Sartana only deals damage whereas Seshat has minions, debuffs 3 targets and is resistant to mana cut. I’d even max duplicate Seshat before Sartana.


As the others advise, go with Seshat

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There is a lot of hype about Seshat. A lot. of. hype. However Sartana is very proven. We will understand more as the month progresses.

Seshat seems to have the potential to be the strongest purple hero in the game.


@frathoss, you are right there is a lot of hype but rightly so imho.
I have her at 4/75 and she will be max by tomorrow. I have used her in raids already and she is a Guin killer


If the card’s text isn’t bugged Seshat seems more than very proven in my eyes :slight_smile:

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I am hoping to be in the same position. I have Sartana ready to go with the mats but am waiting to see if I pull Seashat. I think she would be better.

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Thanks!!I agree about seshat but I needed a few for opinions …

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They’re pretty similar heroes imo, I would say that Seshat is better just by stats. I can confirm too that the replicator minion is a massive pain to fight against.

I would max both eventually myself. Although I think Seshat is better, Sartana has a few advantages: DoT isn’t the greatest but it’s always guaranteed to bypass any defensive buffs. I’d also argue that jynx is a better talent than pierce, the damage increase applies to all buffs instead of just bypassing defensive ones.

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They’re both purple snipers and that’s it :wink: Seshat in addition is a 3-targets dispeller with minions and resistance to mana cut. All those features are really nice.

Yeah but it’s also easily dispellable with Rigard, Vivica, Zim or any other cleanser.

Seshat, Seshat,Seshat and again Seshat. I have both and don’t get me wrong I love Sartana she’s bailed me out many times with her one hit dead, and she does more damage than Seshat a real killer, BUT since I leveled Seshat up in my 1st team I’m destroying all, Seshat and her minions and debuff are a massive advantage when powered up, the best purple out there truly a killer Queen, fought Guinevere, always a problem for me not so much now. Level up Seshat first you will not regret it. P.S both on my yellow titan team something to behold!!!

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Seshat is a total BEAST , those minions keep coming

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Loving my Seashell. She cuts through teams like butter.


Bumping —


Panther +7, Kunchen +3, ursena + 20, Hel +18, Freya + 20

Edit: also have C. rigard +20

On Deck:

Seshat - won’t get emblems, won’t go on defense
Sartana 1/1 — just got… finally…
Clarissa - could get emblems

C2P — I’m the anti-rook; but rarely get mats —

Secondary Troops are booty — have one mana troop at 29

Know Seshat gets the love, but lot of redundancy and no emblems … shrug


Anyone have 2 Of Hel? Could happen — wonder how that would land in the pecking order?

Your purple team is down right nasty good even before you level your next purple. I’m jealous! Good problem to have.

Seshat’s minions might go well with Freya? Even without emblems Seshat is the choice unless you had costume Sartana. The stat boosts from the costumes make that decision much tougher. Plus you would only need a level 17 mana troop on a fast costume hero to shave a tile and fire at 7.

But if it’s regular Sartana then Seshat wins in my book. But your purp team is already dang good!

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