🔵 [Sept 23, 2020] Trials of Decimation – Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

I beat it for the first time :smile_cat: My team was Delilah (4/61), Valen (maxed), Colen (+19), Balthazar (+14) and Renfeld (+3). I used Kiril last time but I had pulled his costume on the 21st and forgot he was wearing it. It’s not a sign of aging, I promise :rofl:

The poor 3* lads were all knocked out but Colen and Delilah hung on for the win :slight_smile: I am saving the emblems for now and Domitia (yes, I finally got the trap tools for her :smiley_cat: ) ate the 3* purple trainer.


Ran into Elena in stage 2, so I decided to use Zeline for her debuff in place of Anzogh in stage 3, and my emblemed Boldtusk instead of Kiril.

So of course Elena was a no-show in stage 3… But I got through it with just two antidotes. Didn’t even have to touch a mana pot.

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Made it through pretty easily. Only used a couple minor mana for Proteus. Fighter emblems to Killhare, wizard emblems saved, trainer hero to Sif (4/14).


Needed to nuke the bosses.
That was crazy…


Kiril+10 (w/ CB) | cCaedmon+0 x2 | cCaedmon+18 | Proteus+19

Boards were meh, but having 3 cleansers really does help keep Oberon’s poison and Ulmer’s defense debuff off. Used a few healing pots to keep the hitters alive, and maybe a mana pot or two to keep Proteus running.

Emblems and trainer saved.

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I had the same thing @Olmor!

I used 5 dragon attacks. I don’t recall ever having so much trouble on this trial in a while and suddenly yesterday I was fighting gods or something.

I forgot my team and was in a hurry so I didn’t take a pic, but I think next time I will try two healers and see what that does. It would have been the team that best it handily there past few times though :man_shrugging:



BT - Kiril - C.Sartana - Colen - Proteus

Could’ve used Magni instead of Colen but too lazy to switch from C.Magni who’s in my defense team.

Up to 912 fighter emblems and 750 wizard emblems. Will give wizard emblems to C.Sartana after I finish the base levels of my regular Sartana who’s at 4/65. Still hesitant to give C.Magni my fighter emblems b/c he turns into a druid :sleepy:. Feels like a shame to use fighter emblems to get a druid. I’ve been hoping for Tyr from Valhalla but can’t seem to get my hands on him…


BoldTusk 4-25, Melendor Costume 3-60, Balthazar +7, Oberon 3-50, and Ulmer 3-20 is the team I used.

First two stages were completed without any items.

For the last stage I needed a lot of help to keep Ulmer alive and to kill the bosses.

I used 2 Mana Pots (in the earlier rounds), 5 Axes, 5 bombs, and 4 dragon attacks. 2 Axes were used in earlier. I entered the final stage with all of my heroes Mana being full and ready to attack.

*** The point of this post is to help newer players like myself see that completing this stage is possible with the right battle items. I am level 32, I spend money sparingly (VIP & Path of Valor). If any newer members around my Level that have similar hero teams (mix of 4s and 3s) don’t hesitate to reach out and ask any questions. I love this community and would love to be able to give back even though I’m a newbie!