🔵 [Sep 29, 2019] Trials of Serenity Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Only been able to do Stage 1 + 2 again. I didn’t even think I had 5 heroes for these classes to be honest so was surprised I do (2 of which I received from AR summons):

Triton (not levelled at all)
Sonya (not levelled at all)
Tyrum (max)
Tiburtus (3/60)
Berden (3/23)

I did have to use a few health potions at the beginning of stage 2 because it was giving me mostly reds and yellow tiles (I have: 2x blue, 2x purple and 1 green).

But I sailed through easily enough :smiley:

Seriously can’t wait to do my first Stage 3 (and hopefully be able to beat it)


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

The Battle

With all specials charged and a decent board lined up heading into the Bosses, this time was pretty easy.

I used my Minor Healing Potions and 1 Axe for the attack debuff, but otherwise it was just a matter of some tile work and firing specials a few times.

It was nice that Chao targeted Seshat again like last time. Resistance FTW!

Shiny New Emblems

Tiburtus stepped up once, but Sonya fell short.

Fit for a King

Arthur ate the Trainer Hero.


Chao-Tibs-Cyp +10-Sesh +8-Chao

2 dragon attacks, 2 tine stops and some healing potions used. Between the snipers hitting the bosses with tibs defense down and the bosses taking damage from riposte, no problems here


My team this time is the same as last time. I have one more rank on QoH and seven more on Athena (I stripped Triton of his emblems when Magni made 80).

  • On the bench: Falcon, Sonya, Cyprian, Frida 3.70, Lianna 3.70, Triton, Jack, Chao, and Tibs
  • Up and coming: Buddy #2 3.31

I managed to get to the bosses with everyone ready to go, and three diamonds to boot. I unloaded my specials and popped the diamonds, which resulted in a beautiful cascade. Richard and Chao both went off, and Queen just smirked at them.

Lianna went down first, and the others were soon to follow. This was easily my fastest trip through this trial. No items used.

Trainer to Agwe (lol, jk…Grazul). Emblems to Athena and QoH.


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Now, Jack and Seshat is maxed.

The Battle

Fresh great in boss stage, used 4 turtle for savety.

Use all items, last bomb for ending.
This trial is very very hard, no healing and no mana control heroes. :sweat_smile:


Emblem later for Falcon and Seshat, trainer keep for Magni later.

Video Last Boss


Nuked them in the end, no more patience left…

Need the emblems for Sonya, Falcon and many others. The trainer hero goes to Richard.


One of my favorite Trials because I have a very strong team for it. I used one mana pot for Athena’s special in the final round and then got this unexpected surprise:

Whole board disappeared, woohoo!!


This is the team I used. Had to use a lot of healing potions due to lack of healers and one revive scroll to bring Tibi back from the dead. Bear banner was to counter Richard. Emblems and trainer hero have been hoarded for now. :slight_smile:


Cool picture of Justice turning into smoke!

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Still trying to figure out what happened here, Athena + mana pot comes with white smoke :smile:

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My team last time was Gunnar, Tyrum, Cyprian, Berden, plus one other hero I don’t have anymore.

I added a level 1/1 Cyprian to this team and went with:
Gunnar (maxed) - Cyprian (1/1) - Tyrum (maxed) - Cyprian (3/60) - Berden (3/46)

The first stage was not so easy so I almost didn’t try the second stage, but in the end I beat it easily enough.

The emblems are stored, as usual.


lol that’s sneaky little Aegir providing the smoke cover from his healing animation. Who knows what’s going on behind all that smoke…:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::cold_face:

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Miki takes the place of Scarlet

Blue diamond for boss wave = Mass destruction :joy:

Trainer and barb emblems on the bench
Rogue emblems waiting for Alice

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