Senan or Dr Moreau?

Opinions needed on what to ascend next. Currently have. Bera Freya Killhare and Onyx +20 Clarissa +7 and Mystero ascended and taking up a roster spot.

Slayers heros are doing pretty well so far with level 23 mana troops… And senan is best amongst all slayers… He hits hard he hits all and ofc the new stacks makes him more powerfull

My vote 100% for senan!!!


I also vote for Senan, Idk how good Moreau is in offense but in defense he is dissapointing


He’s a BETTER Drake in purple. He’s a good defender. Not sure why you’re disappointed. He’s also great in offense. Saying that…Senan is a beast and the choice here for sure.


Moreau no contest, fast hit 3 blinder and that can take 3 snipe and still be alive.

Outside of VF I don’t see any use of senan

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Funny enough, Moreau will hard counter Senan because his blind will be infinite turns against Senan. Until someone cleanses though

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I know he is good, personally I’m just not scared about him, I think I was expecting too much from him but I don’t think that he is bad.


I would go Moreau unless you have another Slayer hero. 2 of them could be quite OP once the stacks get going.


Only 1 question do u have both senan & moreu?

I have moreau and I will max a second one for sure. He is a beast on offense and he does me well in defense.
Coupled with Panther it’s a mass destruction weapon and all of that for 7 tiles.

He is really sturdy thanks to is passive and it’s paladin class and can endure 3 special and still be alive.

He also add survability to your entire crew against aoe hitters which are everywhere in defense.

Don’t have senan but I would probably not max him just for VF. He just does not fit my play style.

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I have senan +20 & moreu +19… !!
I tested both of them :hugs:
Senan have insane ability but i know like u many players just watch his slow mana speed but ovverride cards ability…Thats what i can say


You don’t need the hero to know if he is good or not. Just by reading the card you can assess whether a hero is situational or all-around usefull.

What senan does that is usefull from an offense perspective in the current meta? 275% to all that’s all that matters. The fiends are not really a thing as no good defenses has healers in it.
275% at slow speed is just meh.
He is however a beast in VF format both on offense and defense although on defense he will never replace alfrike…

Thanks all for the input. To further complicate this I pulled Hannah. Of the three Senan would get the most gems so I’m leaning that way.

Read this another way and the fiends will be permanently draining unless they have minion heroes.

Moreau is very nice, a little better than drake but like @Radar1 I never fear him on defense, in fact in wars, Moreau tanks are farmed for easy pickings.


U get better experience by playing card not just by reading it…Heros are situational and u get better knowledge by playing with them not by just reading card…Anyways i belive in giving genuine advice its upto them whats good for them

Well, yeah…because he isn’t a tank. He’s a flank or wing (preferably flank). He isn’t a good tank.

He is mostly for offense anyways. There are way better purples for defense.

My moreau tank says otherwise and I only face top 100 alliances. Beside I mainly talk about him on offense.

But sure level your senan before him.

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You must be knew to this game then. An older player knows exactly the mechanics of this game and the potential of each heroes.

I’m not saying senan is bad. He is okay but less usefull overall than moreau.

:rofl::rofl::rofl: if playing for 3 years is new then yes im new

In fairness, quite a few heroes were unheralded at first. GM, Ninjas on defense, and more recently Bera come to mind.

People discovered how useful they could be only after some time had passed.