Rainbow 4* team maxed. Now what

As topic states, I have maxed my four star team out that I use as my defense team and well for that matter my offense team to. Can anybody give me any help on which way to go now to make my team stronger,I get alot of different opinions from my alliance and it’s got me in between leveling up different heroes.

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Level Wu Kong , Wilbur and Proteus ASAP
They will boost all your E&P experience and the ascension mats will rain on you like… the rain on rainy days… :flushed:

Max Kiril and Rigard after that.
For green, go with Caedmon first, as you have few hitters and lot of healers. Melendor next.
Falcon will help a lot against titan and your red stack. Take him after Wilbur.
Danza is a solid choice after Wu. Not a fan of Chao personally…

Consider leveling some more 3* for raidT and events and for fun :grin:

Great roster by the way


Level up another set of rainbow, another set that brings different tools to the table then what you have.

You’ll need a wide board to maximize your chances in wars mostly and events/tournaments partially.

So your first set is Sonya/Boldtusk/Tiburtus/Kashhrek/HuTao.

Hitter-support-hitter-support-defensive allhit.

So I’d level a support-hitter-support-hitter-anything else.

So I’d level Chao or WuKong as your next yellow depending on whether you like raiding or not-raiding more (Chao is more reliable in raids and WuKong better for everything else), Proteus then Rigard for purple, Kiril for blue, Caedmon then Melendor for green (since you’re already support heavy).

For red it’s kinda tricky. Wilbur is great on Titans and events but limited outside of that given how finicky he is to utilize to maximum effectiveness, Falcon is great but not by himself as he needs a hitter to capitalize after he opens with the defense down, Colen does a lot of tile damage but is better on a defense team due to how squishy he is, Gormek is like Falcon but more universal and less limited to Titans/red stack. Kelile is a great generalist but is only a generalist, so she doesn’t excel at anything in particular.

In a vacuum, I’d say Kelile next which is an unpopular opinion, but that’s my opinion. The only other one I’d recommend is Scarlett who you don’t have. You need a generalist hitter, and Gravemaker is great but not right now since I don’t know your ring situation.

Titans: Wilbur
Raids: Kelile
Long-term: Gravemaker (but after Wilbur, Falcon).

So you’d need to figure which aspect of the game you prioritize more between those two.

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My first 4* rainbow team was


Recommend leveling those 5 as your next. But especially Wu and Wilbur, you will take them against all titans for a long time. FYI, recommend Monk emblems on Wilbur, not Wu.


Agree with @Keyz… unless your main goal for now isnt fighting titans!

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