Second Marjana or Ares?

I play with color stacked teams. My current red team is: Marjana, JF, Boldtusk, Guardian Falcon, and Scarlett. I have another Marjana and an Ares, both on third tier. Which one of those two should I ascend?

I have been using Ares on my Red mono team at 3.70. He is quite useful on offence and titans. That being said I would level a second Marjana if I had 2 of her let alone one :frowning:


If you had a second Marjana, would you give her the rings before giving them to Ares ?

Reason why I am hesitant on Ares: Fully emblemed Boldtusk already performs healing role. If I max Ares he would logically replace Boldtusk. If he were to replace Scarlett or Falcon I will end up with two healers (which is not necessarily that bad now that I think about it) but a stronger sniper would add more value, no?

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I would go with the second Marjana before giving the rings to Ares. Boldtusk is a lot better than Ares imo even if you don’t have Boldtusk’s costume.

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If you play with mono you need a strong one. Probably I prefer ares to scarlett. I usually go with 2 healers. You need time to farm your colour. Just my opinion

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I have Ares. He was my regular raid defense tank since the 3rd or 4th Q of 2018 obtained in some Atlantis portal when he was one of the featured heroes. I emblemed him high until he was stripped of it with the arrival of my Telluria in the 1st Q of 2020. The thing is, Ares barely sees action nowadays except as a second part of the ensemble of my 2nd monored team against green tanks in war where he is flanked by my 2 GMs and on wings are Grazul and 2ndWilbur/2nd Falcon. Against titan, i prefer using BT (for heal to all and attack up), Wilbur (for titan regular defense down), Falcon (for titan elemental defense down) and emblemed GM (my only 5* red hero with over 800 attack stat serving as my high attack stat hero). But you cannot discount his crit bonus to himself and nearby heroes. I always support him with my level 20 crit troop.

I also have Marjana, my latest vanilla S1 sniper acquired some few months back (or maybe late last year?). I left her at 3/70 even if I have enough ascension materials to get to final ascension 3 fire legendaries but plan to ascend her if I get her costume in the Masquerade portal when she is available. When I began playing, I am not really a fan of the sniper heroes by reason that I was endowed with heroes that hit 3 early on, i.e. Richard, Drake Fong, etc. But costumed Marjana will hit 3, as well as costumed Leonidas, on top of them being elemental defense down heroes.


Each player is on various points of the game and has a different set of heroes acquired, thus with different needs. I suggest placing both of them at 3/70 since they are decently usable at that level. Keep your rings for the moment, especially if you only have 6 rings. But if you have at least 12 of them, level the hero that will improve your roster and your teams. Only you can determine whether you need a red sniper or a utility hero. Also consider if you are a regular spender in the game that often access the summoning portal or not. As they say, the best hero is the one that you have as there is no point saving ascension materials if you are not summoning that much. This is very much applicable to free to play gamers. Even heavy spenders are not guaranteed to get the heroes they are chasing. So, that’s that.

EDIT: If you really want to ascend either hero, please read this: Before You Ascend, consider this:


I don’t like maxing duplicate if i have choice for another 5*.

If i don’t like the alternate hero. I prefer to hold the mats until i find something better.

I will only duplicate if i get very abundants mats.

The only heroes worth of dupe is GM


I’m with Mogule.

Marj is great but I don’t need two of her. I’d think Ares would be a Great War team addition, too, and for an older hero he’s pretty consistently annoying.

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Well, that is very much applicable to 5* heroes, chiefly by reason of the difficulty getting the ascension materials. But there is always an exception or two to most rules. If you have dupes of really good heroes and you have more than enough ascension materials to ascend to final tier at least two or three 5* of the same element, maxing them is not a waste of ascension mats. Currently, I have 2 GMs maxed, 2 Liannas maxed and her costume, and 2 Guardian Jackals maxed. I still have 18 mystic rings (candidates are Marjana, 2nd Mitsuko, Khagan, 2nd Azlar or 3rd GM), 18 royal tabards (candidates are Kunchen, 2nd Clarissa, Zulag, 2nd Sartana, Grimble, Obakan, Quintus, and 2nd Donitia with costume), 18 poison darts (candidates are 2nd Joon with costume, Justice, Guardian Owl, and the Atlantis 9-tails I forgot her name), 16 mysterious tonics (candidates are 3rd Lianna with costume, Atomos, Guardian Chameleon, Horghall, Zocc, and Gregorion) and 6 farsight telescopes (my candidates are Richard, Thorne, Aegir, Glenda, 2nd Ariel and 2nd Vela). I am posed to max a 2nd Joon and his costume and 2nd Clarissa. I dont summon anymore using gems. The last time i did that was around 10 months ago in Teltoc portal where i did a x10 and got Panther.


I went with Ares because I wanted to avoid duplicates. Seems to be working better than Boldtusk. I use second Marjana instead of Scarlett. Marjana is next to max once I have the rings unless I get a better hero. I regret maxing JP, he and Marjanas overlap.

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