TP needed to beat S2 hard levels?

Hi guys, I just breezed through the regular levels of season 2, but I’m being beaten hard with a team of maxed 3 and 4* heroes on hard mode.

Does anyone know give or take the TP neccesary to beat those levels? Leaving composition aside of course.


I’ve beat about 6 levels of season 2 episode 1 with a team at about 3000-3100. All 5 are 4 star with two of the heros working on the final tier of ascension

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I’ve been using Tiburtus - Richard - Boldtusk - Gregorion - Vivica, which is about 3800 team power, and made it all the way through province 9 hard mode. I would imagine it’s possible to get through it with tailored 4* teams (about 3400 team power) and a lot of items.

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Bit far from there, but thanks!!!

Will try once I finish with Tiburtus and Gormek then, I should be pretty close to that TP by then.

Right now I’m on 2700.


I’m not sure if you are stacking colors or not, but doing so helps a lot. Since they give you a preview of the upcoming enemies, I usually have 2 heroes to counter the boss of the wave, 2 heroes to counter a mook, and the last hero to counter the last color.

The preview shows a Gold Macaw (Yellow), a Green Compy (Green), and a Emperor Moth (Red) I would bring in 2 blue heroes (for the boss), two red or purple heroes (depending which I have the better cover for in terms of abilities), and one of the other not selected on the previous choice.

Happy Hunting!


I’m trying to start stacking colours but only been playing for about 2 months so I’m a bit short on heroes since I’m F2P.

But so far I’ve at least 3 useful 3* and 2 useful 4* heroes per colour and, just need the feeders to max them and the mats. And I pulled Lianna and Zim (working on Lianna right now at least until 3-70).

Ah, tough times. I’ve been playing for a few months longer and have put some money in the game ($20-$30/month depending on offers), and admittedly had a rough time vs. hard mode. I’m just finishing up Province 3 of season 2, but we’ve had so many events in a row that I’m having a hard time keeping up with everything.

Hope for the best! Great job on the recent pulls!

Not sure what TP is needed but the difficulty increases with each province… I am currently on province 7, 5th lvl and I’m getting obliterated with team power of 3550 and I will have to re-think my strategy but it looks like moving beyond province 9 on hard mode you need to have pretty heavy 5* team


I use two to three 5* heroes and two to three 4-stars (usually Kiril and another healer as I don’t have any 5-star healers) and could easily complete all levels up to 9/10 on hard mode by using only a few small heal potions, antidotes and spears - mostly in the dense fog levels in P 7-9.

I’m pretty sure that a fully maxed 4-star team with the right heroes can beat all levels up to province 9 and most probably also the next provinces coming in November (depending on what the special levels and bosses will be like) without depleting the more precious items.

With 4-stars at 3/60 the higher provinces will be pretty tough as they will receive up to 400 and maybe even more damage from the mobs in some of the higher levels.

I’d say TP of 3k and higher at a minimum, and 3400 TP to pass them more comfortably. You would also need to color stack and better have the right SS abilities to keep your team alive. I ran S2-7-10 Hard with a team of mostly 3-60 4* heroes and it was pretty iffy whether I would make it though or not. I used mana pots and healing pots but held back on the revive scrolls.

If you don’t have the right kind of heroes you may have to count on luck, Wu Kong and long cascades of tiles to win.

I beat through season 9 with mostly a 4* team with a few item use like mana pots and antidotes. I used Kiril, Grimm, Boldtusk, Proteus, and a 3/70 Domitia.

I would say minimum 3k TP to progress with the hard levels. You could probably do the first province or two with less but after that you’re going to run into trouble.

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The fog levels are brutal in hard. Bring two healers, preferably of the 5* variety.

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4* healers and Wu are virtually a must if you don’t have 5s. Also, the bosses in 8 and 9, especially that SOB stegasaurus thing, hit like a freight train. They can one shot kill a 4. On levels like these, a riposter like Boril or Cyprian, together with 2 healers, can work magic. It takes a reeeeaaaalllly long time, because you’re counting on enemies to kill themselves, but it works.

Luckily the fog doesn’t cause heals to miss or it would REALLY be rough. I swear 75% of my special skills miss or completely mid-fire in the fog

True, healers and also buffers (higher attack and/or def, riposte, etc.) gain a lot of value whereas heroes with offensive specials lose value in these levels.

Therefore, we have to adapt our team and strategy for the fog (and also other special) levels. In my opinion this is great, because it breaks the routine and is challenging–also for rather advanced players (higher provinces probably even for those who have quite a bench of 5* heroes). Really looking forward to playing the new three provinces :slight_smile:

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I’ve been able to do up through province 9 with a 2-2-1 color stacked team of maxed 4* tailored to the mob and boss colors, and still needed to replay a couple of levels to get past them. I don’t think it would be possible with a weaker team.

Video of Season 2 final Stage/Level.
Happy Watching


Currently finishing province 19. I run 2-2-1 or 3-2. That’s all 4-stars or 5-stars at 3/70, with only Marjana ascended as a 5-star, It’s getting very hard, though.

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