Season 3 Sneak Peek Discussion

I’ve got a phrase to call you right now but it might get flagged. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Post fixed.


I don’t think handsome genius is flaggable is it?


You know what they say: on the internet you can be anybody you want.


Except Batman. Cause I am Batman!


Not sure if it’s in the right forum… but am seeing that elements are increased to 6… is there any post which elaborates this… will the existing heroes’ elements change as well? Thanks zephyr1

There’s been nothing to indicate that yet, it’s just speculation by some people about what the icons in this image are for:

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When are they gonna release the 3rd season?

When its ready…

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You should use the search button before opening a thread. Besides, your category is wrong. Have a look here -> Start of the Most Epic Empires Decade Yet - 2020 Sneak Peek!

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Thank you as always.

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I’m surprised that woke SG didn’t decide to make the Norse pantheon more “diverse”.

They’ve only previewed what 9 heroes in Beta & another 5 in the 2020 sneak peak?

Compare that to the 26 that were released in Season 2… Give them time :wink:

hi,bro, can you show me the link of the introduction of the new heros ,thanks a lot

Here. That’s all there is. Apart from hero cards from Beta which are not allowed here.

I can hardly wait for season three. The backgrounds are the best of all three seasons to me. Thank you to the creators and all that help us in gameplay. This game is so addicting I don’t have time for any other. Woohooo!!


The first round of Season 3 Beta testing has been opened



20 characters of what

Are you sure? I don’t see it

Sorry, can you please clarify this?

Beta is currently closed, and we had a first round of Beta testing for Season 3 heroes back in November 2019.

Are you referring to something else?


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