Season 3 Sneak Peek Discussion

Yep, but this talentless lamers from SGG are not good story tellers. In fact „story” and dialogues in this game are pathetic

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Если это так и будет, то мне очень нравится. Прям такие карты , симпатичные .

“If this is so, then I really like it. Just such cards, pretty.”

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Yeah, the Alchemy Lab is dead in the water. I have it but have completely abandoned it. Way too expensive, way too complicated, I can’t choose exactly what I get from all my time and expense to use in my own camp-how stupid! My crafting building is more useful, practical and reliable than a black hole “why bother” like the Alchemy Lab :astonished:

If season 3 follows the pattern of the god forsaken Alchemy Lab in cost, value and complexity then I’m just going to stick with raids, wars and farming.:wink:


I like very much Kvasir , if Kvasir was a 5 star hero even a 4 star , i hope that they wil realese a 5 star similar with him

I have seen rumors of a 3rd season. Are they true, and if so is there a date in near future for its release?


Looks like there’s going to be really really good hero’s coming.

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Sooo anyone heard if they’ll shut down AR to open season 3?

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I asked a similar question about a year ago in APL. I noted that the prize for completing s2 includes Atlantis tokens. Basically, I asked what the plan was so I could decide when to use them. I never got a response.

I don’t think anyone knows exactly how s2, s3, or AR will be integrated together.


You saw the s3 completion prizes a year ago?

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I’ve got a phrase to call you right now but it might get flagged. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Post fixed.


I don’t think handsome genius is flaggable is it?


You know what they say: on the internet you can be anybody you want.


Except Batman. Cause I am Batman!


Not sure if it’s in the right forum… but am seeing that elements are increased to 6… is there any post which elaborates this… will the existing heroes’ elements change as well? Thanks zephyr1

There’s been nothing to indicate that yet, it’s just speculation by some people about what the icons in this image are for:

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When are they gonna release the 3rd season?

When its ready…

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You should use the search button before opening a thread. Besides, your category is wrong. Have a look here -> Start of the Most Epic Empires Decade Yet - 2020 Sneak Peek!

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