3rd batch of Valhalla heroes COMING?

Are there already all heroes we are going to see from Valhalla (excluding monthly heroes) or is there another batch of 3 and 4* heroes coming?

I am building my defense team and have abundance of resources which I want to use wisely :slight_smile:

I hope Thor from Asgard or any other would be welcome :slight_smile:

I think next one could be Skadi

Thank you, but I was talking about batch of heroes, excluding monthly featured ones :slight_smile:

We have no official information on this at the moment, but it seems likely we’ll see more in the future.


Thank you!

I hope there is atleast one more batch, so you can use realms ability efficiently.

There are 6 more months before Valhalla storyline ends. And I bet there will be new Valhalla heroes released every month. That is why i am hoarding my valhalla coins and spend them by December as all Valhalla heroes are already there than spending them every month only to get the same heroes.

Might be a good idea to follow the https://forum.smallgiantgames.com/tag/beta-beat hashtag, so you can be informed of news directly about new heroes who are beta-tested.

But it seems extremely likely that there will be new heroes in the future. though probably too early to tell how many will be 3*, how many 4*, and how many 5*… I also hope there will be more new 3s and 4s.


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