Scopes, who gets them, Alaise-Ariel-Frida

Need to decide between the three.

For snipers I have ( 5 star)
White Rabbit ( not exactly a sniper)

Heals ( 5 star)

Tanks ( 5 star)

I’m leaning towards Ariel as the heal plus mana boost is great and I can put her on my war defense with ursena for war.

Alaise seems like a more dynamic hero, that mana down plus big damage.

Frida has been waiting at 3-70 for awhile because I’ve never had much scope luck and Tell takes top tank spot. I like playing with her in my blue stack , but not sure if worth it over the others.

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Ariel -> Alasie -> Frida

Frida can be used vs up to 10* titans @70, too. Alasie is a nice supporting sniper, but squishy. Ariel is one of the best 5* healers in the game, speeds up mana generation for the whole team and cleanses it. One never can have enough healers, especially @avg mana.


Frida’s massive def down debuff is massive against titan / stacking. A must have for titan.
You’ve got Magni as a blue sniper.
Overall, Ariel will be the best bet.
Then again, it’s all down to your playing style. Pick one which fit nicely into your preference.


Cleanse is a must have in the current DoT meta. 2 cleansers vs GTV.


Good point on the cleanse. Completely overlooked that on Ariel

Ariel is the best healer there is, max her first.

For what it’s worth, Frida isn’t really a tank. She’s fine on defense, but she’s all about supercharging a blue stack on offense on offense, and of course bringing the pain against red titans.


I would say Frida. Elemental def down is huge in this game and you already have two healers (albeit not Ariel but healers just the same). Frida will help with titans most which will help with future ascension mats which will go towards future leveling. And of course Frida makes your blue stacks deadly for regular raids/war attacks as well.

Alaise is a HOTM by herself she adds on average about 85 points to all allies shields while her buff is active add another 42 points and if paired with another 1 or 2 2018 HOTMs you can add another 42-85 points to the shields so let’s say about 210 points could be added to all allies shields