Need advice. Ascend Hel, Costume Sartana or Seshat

Title says it add all. Got my 6th tabard, was all set on Hel until I got Seshat to 3-70 and enjoyed raiding with her. Then pulled Sartana costume this morning. The costume stat boost makes her an absolute beast but still just a sniper. Thoughts?

Personally I like Seshat best. One of my top 3 favorite hero’s. As always depends what you need but I’m telling you Seshat is good at lots. I vote Seshat.


Welcome to the forum, Seshat is def worth it you can’t go wrong, hel is good but I don’t see her alot on Raids more seshat maybe not enough people use her or have her!? this don’t really help but that my experience on the two

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What a choice! Personally I love mana blockers so I’d say Hel by a hair. But many a Seshats on the wing have killed me by her lonesome.

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I’d go hel personally


I’d take Sartana out of the running; sorry Sarty, you’re good but just not as good as the secondary effects of Hel or Seshat.

I’m torn, I have Seshat and I also have Proteus (who is mini-Hel). Both are amazing.

If you have Proteus, ascend Seshat. If you don’t have Proteus, go with Hel. Seshat is a great sniper and the minions are amazing for keeping her alive; but Hel prevents three from gaining mana. Prevention is better than the cure, even in raiding.

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Hel only if you have a level 23 mana troop and no proteus. Otherwise I would go for Seshat, she is just too good both on offense and defense.


Easy choice for me: Hel. Best skill in the game is mana freeze.


+1 for Hel, Seshat can wait and still playable at 3.70 if no other 5* purple maxxed yet.
Based on stat, Hel should be maxxed, she is squishy at 3.70.


I love Seshat but I’d still level Hel first. Her mana block will win you battles you thought you’d lose. Definitely Hel.

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Hel , Seshat , Sartana


Current maxed 5 Darks are Ursena and Clarrisa, playing around, the combo of seshat’s mana boost and Clarrisa’s defense boost is a nice combination for an ursena tank.

Another issue is emblems. Waiting on one more rings to up gravemaker, so he can take JPs spot on my rainbow defense team , then those emblems can go to Hel. I have 585 ranger emblems that could go right into seshat

But that mana stop is really tempting, I do have proteus but only really use him in wars.

I’m assuming Hel at 4-80 is a bunch tougher.

Personally I’m not a fan of the mana boost elemental links cause they seem a bit useless

Are u runnin a full dark defense?


Hel hath no equal like a mana freezing the underworld over.

If you like Proteus, then you will surely love Hel as Proteus is just a 4 star hero and his attack stat, skill damage (DoT) and beefiness is subpar to that of Hel.


I’ve been thinking about giving a 3/2 dark / holy defense a go in war just for fun, but often I run that on offense against holy tanks ( with dark flank)

No question, I would go with Hel. I take her almost everywhere in-game. She’s great on support or on the main stack.


Plus 1 for Hel, I emblemed her not for defense but offence, she is awesome…freeze and kill…

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I’ve only found them good with very fast heroes (namely Grazul) because then it can actually help you charge medium heroes in 9 tiles the first time.

Otherwise yeah, helping to charge medium/slow heroes the second time around is not too helpful.

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Wanted to update as to my decision. First thank you all for the input and opinions, it was a tough choice but I went with Seshat. Reasoning being, I can instantly add her and emblem her for my raid defense. With Hel, I have to wait until I can strip JP of his emblems to give them to her, and for that I need to finish ascending gravemaker and I still need Rings for his final. Pretty happy with my current team now


Seshat makes sense if you’re focusing on a def team. I must have missed that in your OP. GL

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