Marjanna or Santa for my first legendary red

Hi everyone,

I am trying to decide who should I take all the way to 4.80 in red. Right now my defense team is:

Lianna +6, Grimm +18, BT +18, Li Xiu +1 and Sartana +1.

I am leveling right now Neith 2.27 and Richard 4.41 to take part on my defense. Richard was supposed to be my next tank (have 420 emblems for him), after Neith became an upgrade to my 3.61 Justice.

At the beginning of the month I got Santa and 3 days later TC20 spit Marjanna. Santa is an upgrade over Richard at tank, but Marjanna was my most wanted TC20 Red hero. Hence I am undecided who to level. Right now I have 7 rings and 6 blades. So Santa at 2.57 is the candidate to level, Marjanna sits at 1.1.

I have basically all the classic 4* (except Sonya) and from Atlantis Wilbur is the only one I really want. Some other heroes of note are:
Rigard+18, Melendor+18, Proteus+18, Scarlett+18, Wu +14. Sabina is coming up and she will get my 356 emblems. Marjanna might get all of Scarlett emblems plus 102 saved, while Santa would force me to reset Wu.

Thanks for your help.

Santa is going to be a solid tank for you for a long time. You already have Lianna and Sartana so not sure if another nuker is exactly what you need.
But in the end it’s up to your playstyle.


I agree with @Grahm. Go with Santa as he is a very serviceable tank. You already have good snipers to back him up in a defense.

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Thanks, I will continue leveling Santa and hopefully get some mats in the meantime to level Marjanna for wars and raid offense later.

I am thinking of a defense like this in the future:

Lianna, Richard, Santa, Neith and Sartana.

I’d lean toward Marjana over Santa. I’d much rather have Marjana to bring to a raid than Santa, and I don’t think any upgrade Santa would bring over Richard in the tank spot would outweigh Marjana’s extra versatility. I’m always happy to raid against Santa since it’s so easy to have somebody ready to cleanse or prevent his debuffs. At least Richard is average mana, so he gives a shorter window to be ready to negate his attack down. Going Lianna, Marjana, Richard on defense also gives better off-color protection, since each hero is next to somebody who’s strong against their weak color, not just neutral to it. Additionally, I think moving emblems from Scarlett to Marjana is a better proposition than stripping Wu for Santa, since Wu is your only option for mega attack up against titans.

Marjana doesn’t do what she’s supposed to do. She’s supposed to be a sniper but her damage output is really low. Her impact on a raid is not as good as Santa. Santa really swings things in your favor when he fires. And even though he’s slow mana, he always fires. He’s very tough and can take a lot of abuse. He’s a better defender but he’s also a better hero to help you win raids and tough stages on the map or events or something.

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I love Santa and tank him personally, but I would do Marjana first in your case. BT +18 is a very good option atm. Marjana is a solid hitter to add to your roster. You’ve already ascended Richard, and he can hold it down until you get another set of rings.

This is an easy Marjana choice

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