Ring-a-ding-ding, who gets the rings?

I just picked up a long-awaited 6th set of rings. Do I max Santa, Azlar (both at 3/70), or wait for Jean-Francois?

Santa would get emblems from Li Xiu (currently at +19), Azlar would get Little John’s emblems (+9 ATM) JF would not get any emblems (Guinevere, Proteus, Kiril, Victor… all would have priority)

Current maxed 5* reds are Red Hood, Grazul and Elena
4* are Wilbur, BT, Scarlett, Falcon and Lancelot

Otheres on the bench are Grazul2, Elena 2&3, and Kong

I know it’s no guarantee that I get JF, but I have every HOTM since I started (Frida was the 1st) except Margaret, so I like my luck.

Santa would be an amazing tank, but I have Guinivere and a costumed Vivica… My alliance rotates tank colors, though, and he would make a great red one…

Your advice is welcome! Thanks.

If you are planning to pull heavily in February I’d wait for JF. It’s not that long to wait and you have a very good roster with no real big holes at the moment.

If you don’t get him, I’d probably do Azlar before Santa. You already have DEF down heroes and ATT down (Scarlett is squishy but has the ability) and the DoT to all is a nice adition.


You already have a slow great damage dealer as Azlar, so i think Santa is an easy choice. He’s a great tank, but you will love him in raids too paired with Elena!
EDIT: i forget JF: i’d wait to see him before make a choice

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+1 on the suggestions below to wait till after your Feb pulls.

Only in some very specific situations… That being raid tournament rush attack and if your alliance tanks red for wars…

Any other situation and I would vote costume Viv first lol.

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I don’t dread facing a Santa tank as much as others, even Victor or Elena are more likely to hurt me more I find.

I’m going to wait and cross my fingers for JF…

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With the costume chamber, even more of a chance to get HOTM. Still hoping for that Lianna costume…

Wait for Jean-François, especially since you don’t have Gravemaker.

If you do not get him, I think Santa Claus deserves strong consideration. He is a good tank and I suspect he’s a more viable flank than many give him credit for. That said, I also believe Elena is a better tank than people realize.

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